2012 Goals and 2011 Stats

We cannot thank you enough for all of your support in 2011.  2011 was a very wonderful year with many tears, laughs, good times and hard times.

Our goal for 2012 is “Stop the breeding of unwanted horses.”  We are planning to launch a nationwide low-cost gelding program where, as funds allow, anybody can have their stallion gelded by any licensed vet for free or low cost, depending on the circumstances.  We would pay the vet directly to avoid any potential for abuse of the gelding program.  Will you join us in our fight to stop the breeding of unwanted horses?

  Our 2011 approximate financial data is in!  During fiscal year 2011 $137,233 was donated.  Of that, $42,998 went directly to costs associated with rescuing animals, mostly horses.  $38,530 went to vet and farrier expenses.  $22,382 went to pay for feed, $10,855 went to fuel, our staff were paid $9,56, with utilities, shelter mortgage and training took up the rest.

  We our reduced budget from last year, we were still able to rescue 366 animals, mostly horses.  This works out to an average of $374.95 per animal, extremely low compared to prior years.  As the economy sinks, we work as hard as we can to cut costs without cutting corners on animal care.

  Our euthanasia rate for horses was very good in 2011.  We had 80 owner surrendered euthanasia’s, 47 equines were euthanized due to illness, chronic pain, disease or injury.  50 equines were euthanized due to old age or poor quality of life.  14 equines were euthanized due to lack of adoptive homes and 10 animals passed away naturally.  Using the industry standard assessment of euthanasia rate (healthy animals euthanized due to lack of adoptive homes after a lengthy stay at the shelter) we only had less than a 4% euthanasia rate!  The industry standard in dog and cat shelters is 40%-60%.

  Without your support going forward into 2012 we will not be able to rescue the number of horses and other animals that we help.  There is talk of slaughterhouses for horses being built in the United States.  It is a desperate time for horses everywhere, but they know when they get into our trailer, they are safe!  Help us help them, please make a commitment to help us on a monthly basis by becoming a Hoof Pal sponsor.  To help the horses in 2012, click here.

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