As you know, a good picture is worth a thousand words.  A good picture can also save a thousand lives.  Our only still functioning cameras are cell phone based camera’s, which while they work ok in most situations, they do not perform adequately in many other situations, such as low light (evening rescues, etc,) long distance (gathering evidence of horse abuse from the road,) and many other situations.

After consulting with camera’s guys who know their stuff, it has been recommended that we purchase a Canon T3i, which will cost right about $900.  This camera will not only take pictures in all conditions, it will also take better quality video than we have been able to produce!  While this fundraiser is not directly for rescuing horses, it is vitally important so we can more clearly show the condition of the horses when they arrive, document the rescues, and investigate abuse and neglect.  Please help today – click here.

This is a picture of Spero when he was rescued.  This is a perfect example of the limitations of cell phone based camera’s.  It just doesn’t show detail!  You can see that he is emaciated, but the degree of his emaciation is easy to miss.

We want to share with you a story about some very special horses.  Back in 2008, at one of the wettest and windiest auction rescues we have ever done, 14 horses were saved.  This story is about 2 of those horses, Seinna and Ebony (pictured below) who were adopted together.   To read their rescue blog, click here.

  In 2009 Sienna (pictured) and Ebony were adopted into a very excited, loving home.  We were so happy for them, to read their adoption blog, click here.

  To our greatest surprise, and the adopters surprise, Seinna was pregnant when she was adopted and had a very cute filly!

   Over the years we have thoroughly enjoyed getting updates from their adopted family about these special horses.  To read an update blog, click here.

      We received some very sad news recently that due to a layoff in the family all three of these precious horses needed to come back to the shelter.  It always breaks our hearts when we have to make arrangements for adoptees to come back, but we are always here for the horses that have come through our program.

The day it was planned to pick them up, the adopter emailed with the most exciting news: they are able to keep them!  This absolutely made our week!  They must have gotten a job or something else worked out, whatever the case they do not need to come back.

Thorn is still doing great at the vet, he is enjoying his training and as soon as he is done training he will be ready for his new home.  He is such a handsome boy!  If you are interested in adopting him once his training is complete please let us know.

Sunday Tom found himself in a horse trailer headed to his new home.

Tom’s new mom is so happy you can see joy gleaming in her eyes.

Some visitors came out to the shelter to see the horses available for adoption. Diesel was placed into adoption pending and Spero (pictured) was placed into adoption pending by another person.  We are so excited that horses are finding homes!  We will miss Spero, he has come such a long ways with us and he is ready to start his new life with an adoptive family.

It was time to get some new pens built.

Shadow had to come over to see if there was anything she could do to help.

Parcy was also interested in helping, but mostly he just wanted to help push things around.

As the sun was sinking in the west the pen was gleaming in the sun.

Many thanks to each and every one of you who donate your time, money and emotional support.  It’s what keeps the shelter sheltering and rescuers rescuing!

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