Tuesday found Diesel spending time with his new dad.  The adoption application was done and he had come out to take Diesel to his forever home.

The posed for a very handsome adoption photo.  Somehow Diesel didn’t get his ears perked up, but that is OK, he still looks great.

Diesel was led over to the waiting trailer.  He was so excited to start his new life.

Diesel was rescued at the November auction rescue.  We are so thrilled that he was rescued from entering the slaughter pipeline and now has such a great home.  That is what we are all about: keep horses from being slaughtered and adopting them into great homes!

There is a wonderful TV campaign in Belgium and the Netherlands produced by GAIA with footage from Animals’ Angels USA about the cruelty that happens to horses before being slaughtered. It is graphic, but it is having a great impact in those two countries and they are calling for a boycott of horse meat. Will the economy stop horses from being slaughtered before lawmakers do? To read the article, click here.  To watch the english version of the TV campaign, click here.

Yesterday CBS did a news story about the brewing fight between cattle ranchers and Madeleine Picken’s quest to lease land from the federal government for wild horses.  If she is willing to pay market price (or more) to lease land, why is it an issue?  The government should be interested in getting the most money for land leases.  To watch the news story, click here.

Today’s eBay Giving Works item is a set of horse earrings.  They are quite adorable and 50% of the sale price goes to help the animals at our shelter!  To buy them, click here.

Since last blog Kristen D., Margaret B., Jenette S., Cristi S., Denise S., Pamela T., Gail G., William E. and Faye M. all donated to further our rescue efforts.  Won’t you join them?  Click here.

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