Wednesday morning 3 of the abandoned horses that were rescued from the evicted property headed off to their adoptive home.  It was Lucy, Zee and Ginger!  We are so happy for them!  It is always so wonderful when horses that lose their home find a new home.  To date that makes 5 adoptions this year.

Tawnee headed out to pick up 2 horses for owner requested euthanasia under the euthanasia clinic.  It’s always sad doing this but knowing that we were relieving their suffering and keeping them from the slaughter house is rewarding all at the same time.

Next it was off to Yuba County Animal Services to pick up a horse.

They also had a bunch of feed to donate!  They get broken bags of feed donated to them, and anything they cannot use they send our way.  This time there was bags and bags of chicken feed.  If there is anyone that needs extra chicken feed, especially if you will adopt a chicken from the shelter, let us know.  We only have 1 hen, the rest are roosters, but the guys need homes too!

The horse, named Hank by our Facebook fans, was found running loose and had a halter and chain hanging off of him.  Finally a woman was able to catch him because he was so thirsty he came up for water and she managed to grab the chain.  When Tawnee went into his pen he started shaking and trembling, while trying to get away from her as quickly as possible.  He acts as if someone stood in his pen and beat him with a whip for fun.  After a little while Tawnee was able to gain his confidence.  He is a willing horse and wants to be good, but he has apparently been severely abused.

He has scars on his nose, most likely from having his head tied down.

He loaded up in the trailer without too much fuss.

At the shelter he unloaded like a champ and looked around.

He is such a beautiful boy and willing to please, once you’ve caught him and he knows you are not going to hurt him.

He is about 14 years old and we will be letting him settle in a bit before evaluating him.  No doubt he has been through a lot and he needs to realize that we will never beat him.

Jason got busy unloading all the feed from the truck.  There was 3 Hay Wagon loads!

Hank was settling in and checking out all the new surroundings.

He really loves his bright cheerful feed and water tubs that were donated thanks to you!

After he drank his water it seemed like he wanted to show us some of the abuse that has happened to him.  He stuck his tongue out, which immediately caught our eye…

…someone or something has split his tongue.  We cannot imagine how painful that must have been for him.

Today’s Ebay Giving Works item is Stetson 4x Beaver Silver Belly Rancher hat.  It’s only $25 and 10% of the sale price goes to help the animals at our shelter!

Many thanks to Danielle G., Kerry B., Ian & Janice W. and Pamela N. for their generous donations!

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