Thanks to many generous donors, we are almost halfway to our goal of $5,000 towards saving horses from the slaughter pipeline at this month’s auction rescue.  So far $2,190 has been donated, leaving only $2,810 left to go!  We can do it, the auction is this weekend, let’s save those lives!  To help, click here.

We have to catch you up on the happenings since the last blog.  We are extremely excited that the 4 babies at the shelter, Sienna, Sandy, Honey and Gumby, have been adopted into the best home ever!  They are now in their new home and loving it so much.

They have their own special pen and shelter.  With their adopters loving them hands on every day we know they are going to thrive.

They are previous adopters and as you can see their other adoptees from us are doing wonderful.  This is Scarlet and Hershey.

We have been really needing some gravel, and Larry has been working very hard to find the very best deal.  He convinced this truck driver to donate his time and his trucks time, we just had to pay the fuel and rock expense.

He did such a great job spreading the gravel, $385 (a truck and trailer load) covered a large area where we will be able to operate over the winter months much easier.  We need to get another load or two, we are hoping that someone will donate some extra money for gravel.  Last winter we were not able to get gravel, and we were always slipping and sliding in the mud trying to get trailers in and out to rescue horses.

The gravel looks so nice!


Sunday some previous adopters came down to see about adding some ponies to her family.  She really fell in love with Merrylegs.

Gingersnap won her heart too.  We were really hoping that since they brought a huge trailer they would be able to fit another horse in there too.  As they walked around and looked at the different horses, they fell in love with…

…the biggest horse at the shelter.  We are so excited for Hannah, she has been at the shelter for awhile and it seemed that no one was interested in adopting such a huge appetite.  We are happy beyond words that she will have such a great home.

Hannah waited almost patiently to load into the trailer.  Phoenix always enjoys watching horses start their new lives as they prepare to load into their trailer.

Hannah was a good girl and hopped into the trailer.  When she first stepped into the trailer she lifted her head carefully to check her ears.  No doubt she has been in much shorter trailers that did not allow her to lift her head comfortably.  She practically smiled when her ears didn’t even touch the roof.

After Hannah was loaded the adopter posed for a quick adoption photo with the ponies.  Gingersnap is still shy, but Merrylegs was enjoying the treats his new mom brought.

Soon they were both loaded in the trailer and ready to start their new lives.  We are so thankful for everyone that has opened their hearts and homes to the homeless ones at the shelter.  We have had 12 adoptions in 2012 already!  That is simply amazing.

We would like you to meet 4 new roosters who have come to the shelter.  We posted them on Facebook and asked for names.  We would like you to meet Big Red, named by Tina.

This is Cowboy named by Jenny.

This is Rusty, named thanks to Mary.

This guy is named Roscoe thanks to Sharon.

Today’s Ebay Giving Works item is a Family Guy domino set.  It’s only $3.99 and 10% of the sale price goes to help the animals at our shelter.  To bid on this, click here.

We cannot thank our monthly sponsors, regular donors, and those that have donated to the Auction Rescue enough.  Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

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