The Auction Rescue fund is currently at $2,350 out of our goal of $5,000.  We only have 4 days left to go and we are almost halfway there!  Together we can do it, to help, click here.

You very well may remember the 10 horses we rescued from a ‘rescue’ in October.  They were starving horses to death, while Animal Control gently offered suggestions.  This horse was also on the property, and we wanted to help him so bad.  The owner refused to surrender him to us, and refused to sell him to us despite being offered very good money.  Since Animal Control was refusing to enforce the law at that time, we could nothing but hope for the best for this horse.  To read the days blog, click here.

Racquelle at Rehorse Rescue Ranch had spearheaded the lengthy efforts to help all of the horses at the ‘rescue’ that went bad.  Animal Control was finally convinced to seize the horse above and he was taken to Rehorse Rescue Ranch where his rehabilitation began.  He was fed and now he is an amazing looking horse.  What a great ending to a  horrible situation for this boy.

Monday morning was quite chilly at the shelter, there was a nice layer of ice in all the water troughs.  We are quite thankful we no longer operate near Taylorsville, Ca where it was about 16 degrees.

Jason and a volunteer got to work moving, disinfecting and reassembling several horse shelters in preparation for the coming rain.  Larry and April also helped, but they were running the camera’s and seemed to always be on the wrong side, so they didn’t get their pictures in this blog,

It is always so much work putting the roof on, but it makes the horses so much more comfortable in the rain.  Quite often horses will choose not to stand in their shelter, even during a good rain, but it is important that they have the option.  After this simple shelter was moved it was time to tackle the big one.

The Mare Motel has approximately 20′ x 6′ roofing panels that have to be moved in one piece.

Soon it was  all on the ground and ready for the hard part to begin.

It’s a lot of work lifting them up!

One by one the roof panels were bolted down to the frame.

Parcy always has to investigate what is happening at the shelter.  This time he wanted to help, but his tongue just couldn’t pick the brackets up out of the bucket and hand them to the workers.

Everyone was happy, and tired, when the last roofing panel was coming off of Larry’s truck.

Soon it was up on top.  After anchoring the structure it is ready for the auction horses that we will be rescuing this weekend to escape the rain.

We just wanted to give you a reminder of how Ebay Giving Works works.  When someone is selling something, anything, on  Ebay, they can choose to donate a percentage of the selling price to our organization.  If you would like to donate a physical item to the shelter to be used as a fundraiser, we would ask that you list it on Ebay Giving Works, you can set 100% of the selling price goes to help the horses.  That will make it very easy for you and for us to get the maximum use from your physical donation.  Please click here for more information, and don’t forget to click the “Favorite” button!

Thank you everyone for your generous donations!  Emily J., Kathy M., Barbara B., Yenny E., Kirsten P., Janet D., Irene C. and Deane B. all donated to help the horses!  You can to, just click.

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