There was a huge jump in the auction rescue fund thanks to some very generous donors, but there is still a ways to go with just a few days to do it.  So far $3,260 has been donated, leaving just $1,740 left to go.  Please help us help the horses at the auction, so far about 71 people have said “Yes, I will do what I can to help save horses from the worst fate imaginable!”  You can join them, just click here.

Parcy loves getting in the blog, and he keeps doing funnier and funnier things to get in the blog.  Today he had to try a new tactic.  When Cathy was watering he came up and begged for water even though he has access to plenty of water.  What a silly boy, he always manages to put a smile on our faces and hopefully yours too.

Hank is still extremely wary of people.  We are trying to show him that when we enter his pen we are not going to beat him.

He is learning that the touch of a human hand is only to give love and affection to him and we are hoping that he will come around and that someone will want to adopt him and give him a chance at love.

Another load of gravel was delivered to the shelter today.

The deal is cheap enough we can’t pass it up as we desperately need it so we can haul trailers in and out over the winter.

Stardust and Chip (rolling) enjoy hanging out together.  Chip was the babysitter for the babies we have at the shelter, but since the babies all got adopted, he gets to hang out with someone his own age.  Chip is available for adoption and would love to have a home with friends to call his own.  He gets along very well with other horses.

The neatest thing is all is they don’t mind being in the shelter!   Phoenix loves visiting the guys next door too.

There’s a bobble head on Ebay and 10% of the sale prices goes to help the animals at our shelter.  To find out who is bobbling, click here.

Many thanks to Gail G., Stephanie D., Martin O., Michelle H., Marilyn D., Donna A., Karen C. and Betsy W. for their generous donations today!

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