Urgent Need – Auction Tomorrow!

On the evening of January 21st  is the local Livestock Auction.   Horses of all shapes, sizes, colors, training and health will be there with only one thought on their mind: “Why am I here and where am I going?”  No horse deserves to be ran through a livestock auction, no horse deserves the fate that so often comes to those who’s owners have dumped without another thought about their fate.

You can be the difference in the horses lives.  You can answer one of the horses questions “Where am I going?”  Coming to our shelter ensures that the horse will never experience the cruelty of a slaughter house.  They will never experience the cruelty of being abused for “entertainment” in illegal rodeos and racing.  Some horses are so damaged that they cannot be adopted out, but they do not deserve their last days and hours to be in misery in the slaughter pipeline.

So far, thanks to our extremely generous donors, we have raised $3,800 towards our goal of raising $5,000 to rescue and care for 14-18 horses from the livestock auction.  You can change the direction of a horses life at the auction!  Just click here.

Fundraising Thermometer

Won’t you help save horses like this one right now?

Please do what you can, even $10 or $20 makes a big difference, together we can do it!  Please forward this message to your friends, co-workers, anyone you believe wants to help save a horse from slaughter.

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