1-22-12 – Auction Rescue

Saturday evening was the livestock auction.  There were horses there looking with wide eyes, wondering what their future would hold.

They were so worried, wondering why their owners had dumped them there even though they had done nothing wrong.  Who was going to buy them?  What was their future going to be?

Thanks to your support our rescuer was there, saving as many lives as they could.

Outside in the parking lot was a huge out of state truck and trailer, waiting to be loaded up with precious lives to head down the road on the slaughter pipeline.  Thanks to your support, this rig did not load up any horses.

Sunday morning the rescue rig was hooked up to go bring the 11 precious lives that were rescued to safety.

Upon arrival our staff was excited to see them.  Now we would like you to meet them all!  We posted them up on Facebook and let our fans name them.

This is Snow White, a pony mare.

This is Cocoa Puff, a very skinny mare.

This is Shotsy, so very very skinny!

This is a stallion, his name is Rocket.

This is a 2 year old gelding, named Black Socks.

This girl’s name is Sterling, she is very pretty but has issues with her hind end.

“Hi, my name is Annie and I’m the cutest little pony mare around.”

This is a young pony stallion named Boots.

This mare is named Comet.

This mare is named Dezi.

This handsome gelding is named Liberty.  He is very shy of people.  It’s easy to tell he has been severely abused in the past.

Our staff got to work haltering the ones that needed haltering in preparation for loading.  Thy sky was dark with clouds and they knew it could start raining at any minute.  Boots needed a regular full sized halter, he has a big head for a little guy!

One by one the horses were sent down the loading chutes.  These two poor horses are so incredibly skinny!

Then they hopped into the trailer ready to make the trip to safety.

After everyone was loaded up there was a quick walk around inspection to make sure they were all happy.

Then the long journey to safety.

Along the way this rainbow of promise appeared in the clouds, as if telling all the horses “Don’t worry, you are safe now.”

As they were driving along it kept pouring rain, and getting darker and darker.  Thankfully it wasn’t as cold as it certainly could have been.

By the time they were unloaded it was completely dark.

The horses were safely tucked in for the night with food and water.

Yummy yummy!

There are a couple roosters that refuse to live in the Fowl Pen.  Apparently they have found somewhere else fun to sleep: on the back of Mr T!  He doesn’t seem to mind at all and no doubt loves having his back scratched.

Again we would like to thank each and every one of you who donated to make this auction rescue possible.  We couldn’t have done it without your support!