We are excited to announce that Pet Pardons has launched their website.  Since they started their Facebook Application and page about a year ago, over 10,000 animals have been saved and that number is growing fast.  They are quickly becoming the leader in helping dogs, cats, and all other animals.   The website has Pet of the Day, news, blog, and a whole lot of interesting stuff.  You should check it out, click here.  Our very own Tawnee Preisner is a featured blog and news writer for Pet Pardons and has a couple articles up now.  Explore the site, find Tawnee’s articles and spread the word.

Tuesday morning Spero had something to tell us all: his foot was hurting.  Many times when the weather changes hoof abscess’ pop up.  We told him no worries, he was going to the vet today.

We had some horses come in last week from Animal Control that didn’t make it onto the blog.  We would like to introduce them.

We would like you to meet Nephertiti (on the left,) he is a Thoroughbred, approximately 16 years old.  In the middle is Bonnie, a very cute Arab mare who is about 18, and on the right is Armani, a 14 year old Arab gelding.

There was excitement in the Fowl Pen.  Heidi Hen was saying “Goodbye” to all of her friends.

Heidi had a home to go to!

   When we first rescued Heidi Hen she was wandering around a parking lot and was very emaciated and had wounds as you can tell from her photo.  If you would like to read her rescue story, click here.

  Now Heidi is a plump hen.  We are so excited that she has a wonderful home where she will get to enjoy life.

As promised, Spero was getting ready to go to the vet.

Poor guy, every step hurt but he didn’t complain and loaded up without any fuss.

The roosters were all going to miss Heidi Hen, the only hen at the shelter, so to grieve their loss the Fowl Pen door was opened so they could roam the shelter, finding interesting things to peck at.  We are hoping that they will prove to be effective fly control as not very many people want to adopt roosters it seems.

Soon Spero was at the vet and ready to unload.  It’s a place he has spent a lot of time before.

Spero has come so far since August when he was rescued.  It’s just amazing.  If you would like to see his progression picture bigger, click on the photo or click here.

Spero was led into his own stall with thick fresh shavings.  It always makes an abscessed hoof feel better.

   Spero says “If you missed my rescue story, click here.”

   Spero has his very own webpage now and a new video.  You must check it out, click here.

  All of the auction horses were taken directly to the vet on Sunday for their evaluation.  That was if any needed emergency medical care they were all ready there.

Boots, the little pony stallion, is ready for his gelding operation.  He was put in a stall so he could be gelded the following day.  He is such a cute little guy.

Just a few days before he was running around scared and bewildered at an auction yard…

…now thanks to your support he is safely snuggled in a stall and will have his operation soon.

Thorn didn’t know it was his really lucky day.  He just knew he was lucky to be laying in green grass enjoying the warm sun.  For those of you that don’t know Thorn’s story, he was at our vet, bleeding to death due to an injury to his femoral vein.  His owners didn’t have the money to give him the life treating surgery he needed, so we agreed to help him.  He has been at the vet ever since then receiving special care and training.  But, the vet has fallen in love with him, and today she adopted him.  Thorn has the best home in the world! To read his story, click here.

  The vet and our staff examined the auction horses for quality of life.  We were all very concerned about Sterling as something was evidently wrong with her hind end.   Rocket the stallion displayed aggressive behavior at the auction, he was rearing up over panels trying to attack other horses, and continued his behavior at the vet office.  He had to be sedated and hauled separately from the other horses.  He was unsafe for horses and humans and was humanely euthanized.   We are so glad that he did not end up in a double decker with his mouth wired shut and his eye shot out so he wouldn’t attack other horses on the trip to slaughter.  Cocoa Puff, the emaciated mare, was evaluated and found to have medical reasons why she was so skinny.   We loved her and said “Goodbye” to her, relieved to know that her suffering is over.  When the vet examined Sterling, it was found that she had a broken/fractured back and that is why she was having weakness in the hind end.  This broke our hearts, knowing that she was in so much pain.  She was humanely euthanized to end her intense misery.  Can you imagine traveling in a trailer crowded with other horses for days on end to slaughter with a broken back?  Just horrible!  Instead, Sterling’s last moments were eating yummy green grass, surrounded by loving and caring people.

Back at the shelter, Dot was evaluating horses.  Bonnie is such a cute mare with those big dark eyes.

She saddled up like a dream and was such a good girl.

Bonnie is extremely well trained to ride, she will move off leg aids, and will make an absolutely wonderful horse for some lucky person.  We are confident that she will be in her new home soon as horses like this don’t last long at all.  If you are interested in Bonnie, put a hold on here right now!  Click here.

Lady Begone was enjoying a nice roll in the round pen when the big trailer came back from the vet with the auction rescue horses.  She had to get out of the round pen and back to pasture.

The trailer backed up and soon the horses were unloading.

It was so neat seeing their faces coming out of the trailer, wide eyed with looks of amazement and excitement.

After they settled in for a few minutes some of them laid down and rolled with sheer delight in the sand.  It was so neat seeing them enjoying themselves.

We had a great group of volunteers and staff on hand to do the initital intake and worming.  All of the horses were haltered, wormed, identification tags put on, weight and height measured, all ready to find a home.  But there was one horse that needed something a little extra.

When you have a hoof that looks like this after being picked, you know you need a trim job.  On the outside of the hoof it was cracked and it had to be done right away.

Jason has studied and practiced and is a certified farrier now, so he got his tools out and gave Shotsy an emergency trim.

Now the hoof looks better, it will take time, growth and more trims to get it back to normal, but Shotsy was such a good boy through it all.

When the sun was setting all the auction horses where finished with their initial evaluation and were enjoying their supper.  Thank you all for making this possible!  Every life is precious.  To see the available horses, click here.  We need homes for these horses!