Don’t worry, this is a good picture.  This is a picture of Boots after being gelded as he is sleeping peacefully in the sunshine.  There’s no babies in his future!

In no time at all Boots was back in his stall wondering what was for lunch.  He is such a cute little guy.

Spero is doing fine with his hoof abscess.  He is at the vet waiting for his ride to come take him to his adoptive family.  We will all be sad to see him leave, but we have given him everything possible for a wonderful new start to life.

We had a horse surrendered that could no longer stay at her home, and she had to leave right away or else… We picked her up and found that she was injured to her hind leg.  She couldn’t put any weight on it and she was suffering immensely from it.  She was humanely euthanized to end her intense, continuous suffering.  Most likely she had a fractured hip or leg bone.  We are so thankful that through the support of donors like you we are able to bring horses like this in, give them love and kindness, and then let them pass on peacefully.  We are the nations only open door facility for horses, but we require your donations to keep the doors open to horses in need.  Please take a minute to donate right now, even $10 helps a lot!  Click here.  No animal deserves to suffer, and you make the difference.

Monday we had a young boy at the shelter who absolutely fell in love with two of the roosters.  It is extremely hard finding people who will adopt a rooster for a pet.

We are very thankful that Rosco and Big Red were adopted into a very loving family where they will get to run around a farm, scratching the ground, crowing too early in the morning, eating bugs, and living a very happy rooster life.

Monday was also the day when Boots was going to come back from the vet.

He hopped in the trailer like a pro.

At the shelter he looked around and was surprised to see some of the friends he had made at the auction.

Boots needed to hang out with a guy, and Stardust Dancer is the perfect big brother.

Stardust is a great guy that gets along well with just about anyone.

Boots also liked meeting new friends over the fence.  Boots is a lovely pony that is looking for a forever home.  Maybe yours?

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Many thanks to all of you who support our rescue and sheltering efforts!  The horses really love you too!