Notice: the shelter is closed Wednesday the 1st due to the rain forecast.

   The end of the month stats are in for January.  We had a total of 37 animals intaked into our shelter.  22 of those were owner surrenders, 4 came from Animal Control, 11 were from auction rescue.  5 were adopted, there were 14 euthanasias.  There were 6 euthanized due to pain, disease and/or injury, 5 due to dangerous behavior, 2 owner requested euthanasia and 1 due to old age / poor quality of life.  If you would like to see the graph bigger, click the picture.  The other animals are at the shelter and many of them are in adoption pending.

Tuesday we had a trailer pull into the shelter.

Sadly, after 10 years of living in a great home, Laddie was unable to stay with his mom and came to the shelter.  He is a 21 year old off the track Thoroughbred gelding.  He is such a gorgeous boy and looks great for his age!

Dot was out evaluating horses.  Dezi enjoyed getting out of her pen and lunging.  She has definitely had some work done before, she just needs some finishing touches.

Keep an eye on their adoption pages on our website as their evaluation information will be updated shortly.  Snow White was a good girl for having her feet picked and seems to have been a lead line pony.

One of the volunteers was hard at work helping mend the fences.  It is always greatly appreciated!

Lady Begone had a potential adopter visiting her.  She was a very good girl and it was amazing to see the connection between them.  They really have something special and hopefully it can grow and blossom over many years.

Bonnie was placed in adoption pending.  We are so excited for her and her new family is just tickled pink that she will be joining their family.  Transportation arrangements are being made.

We have been working hard on a new banner ad to help spread the word.  One of our Facebook fans, Ellie, inspired this ad.


Thanks to all of your support, both financially and emotionally.