Our new banner inspired by Ellie is the featured advertisement on Pet Pardons.  Let’s cross our fingers that this will bring in a lot of support to help horses stay out of the slaughterhouse.

The ad links directly to our new auction fundraiser page.  Instead of only having a place on our homepage, the monthly auction fundraiser has a special page all of its own.  You can visit it by clicking here.

Laddie enjoyed his first night at the shelter.  He made friends with Missy.  Little did he know, he was already in adoption pending!

He was being adopted in the mountains and is cold up there, so he needed his blanket.  He is such a gorgeous boy!

After getting his blanket and microchipped he was ready to go.

Comet was also being adopted into the same great home, and she needed her blanket too.  What a cute face she has.

A few weeks ago her cute face was at a livestock auction, peering wide eyed at everybody, wondering what her future held.  She saw the killer buyers circling like vultures…

Thanks to your support of the auction rescue fund, she was loading up in the trailer for the ride to her new home.

Annie was also being adopted!  She didn’t need a blanket as she has a nice warm winter coat of her own.

All of our adoptive horses are microchipped before they are adopted.

Then the rescue rig headed off on its wonderful journey.

The first stop was picking up Spero, he was being adopted today too.  What a great day, 4 adoptions!

The vet staff said “Goodbye” to Spero.  All of our staff has gotten quite attached to the wonderful guy.

The journey into the mountains went on and on.

A horse needed to be surrendered.  As Jason pulled down the driveway the local deer were watching with a lot of interest.

Soon they hopped the fence and went on their way.

Meet Rowen, an older gelding.  He has severe lameness and his pastern has a huge amount of arthritis and is blown out.  He was surrendered for euthanasia to give him peace.

From Rowen’s pickup the road got a little snowier.

Annie was so happy to get out at her new home.

Comet enjoyed stretching her legs and checking out her new home too and her lovely barn.

Laddy on the other hand, just ran and trotted ran with sheer delight.

Another horse was being surrendered for the euthanasia clinic as well.  Hopefully someday we can do remote euthanasia clinics so the horses do not have to travel.  We are so thankful that whenever a horse comes to us for end of life services instead of enduring the horrors of slaughter.

27 degrees is pretty cold!

Spero stepped out of the trailer and onto snow for perhaps the first time in his life.  He kept sniffing the snow, wondering what it was.  Jason told them to put a blanket on him so he would stay warm.

Spero has an absolutely lovely home.  We have asked them to send us some nice adoption photos in the daylight as it was too dark.  We all wish for the long summer days again.

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