We have an urgent need to help two lovely colts become two lovely geldings.  As you know we offer low cost gelding assistance for people who wish to geld their colts.  Colts left ungelded grow into stallions, which lead lonely lives locked in solitary confinement as they are typically unable to be in a herd.  If they are allowed to run in a herd, they produce a lot of unwanted baby horses.  We pay for $125 of the cost of gelding through our low cost gelding program.  Our urgent need is for $250, please donate now.  Click here.

This is the email from Dusty’s owner, the first colt that needs to be gelded. “This is Dusty,  I got him a year ago from a really dirty ranch I wont name which one.  He was wild and out of control, horrible feet legs twisting from never being trimmed and very unlevel plus to make matters worse he had a hernia I wasn’t told about and he was infested with worms and mites everywhere you looked.  I had the vet look at his hernia and they said give it time to see if it heals on his own but it has not.  He is looking great and more like a horse a year later but it is now time to get him gelded and get the hernia taken care of before he gets started.  He is becoming a bit aggressive and way to interested in the girls walking by so it I cant push it out any longer.  Like everyone else finances are beyond tight and I’m hoping to be able to get some help with the hernia and gelding which I’m told can be done at the same time to save a little bit of money.

“When I first got him.  His coat was like wire and very dull, matted with hair and mud to where we had to cut them off and we couldn’t hardly get near him…it was awful!  Under the fluffy wirey hair he was very very ribby.

“This is Dusty now. Beautiful shiney healthy and well loved….just needs to be a boy not a ‘man.'”

The second colt that needs to be gelded has been waiting in a solitary pen to be gelded.  His owners have decided it is time to make the right decision.  To give this guy a great quality of life, living with other horses, he needs to be gelded!  Please help, click here.

Sunday we were very excited as Classy was in a trailer headed to her new home.  We know she is going to have a great home!

  Classy was seized by Animal Control and Animal Control tried to find a home for her, but was unable to.  She was going to be euthanized, but we stepped in and gave her a second chance.  You can read her intake blog by clicking here.

Classy is quite the stunning girl now and we are so happy for her.

   We always try to network with legitimate rescues and sanctuaries to find homes for horses that we rescue from the slaughter pipeline.  Safe Haven Horse Rescue offered to take Nephertiti, opening a space at our shelter for another horse to come in from the slaughter pipeline.  We are so glad that they were willing to place her into their adoption program, hopefully she will find a home soon.

   When Spero was delivered to his home last week it was dark and we don’t have a camera that can take decent pictures when it’s dark.  We have been collecting funds for a professional camera that will include a powerful flash.  Needless to say, we didn’t get the adoption photo when Spero was adopted.

Spero’s mom sent us this adorable picture of them both.  We are so happy to see Spero in a loving home, he has come so far since we rescued him in August.  To see his before and after pictures, click here.
  We got a great adoption update!  Their mom writes:

“Sending you recent photos of our ‘boys’ Dakota & Presley and how excited they get when they get to play in the roundpen together.  No, not riding yet…..gonna get some sand soon to train them.  Dakota recently had an abcess…..certainly don’t want another one with a ‘rocky’ roundpen, have sand bound for it.

“We love Obama Llama (aka Pepper) soooo much!  He really has stepped up to the plate. He is such a love-bug and right on top of guarding all of our crazy, stinker goats.  The horses, especially Dakota, do their best to get attention too.  Dakota likes pulling things down (thank goodness most of my pants are snug), and he and I toss the ball back and forth, and Presley……well….he loves any and all attention on him.  He will come stand right next to me just to be scratched and I’ve even seen him pick-up a stick, wave it in front of Dakota so Dakota will grab it and play tug-a-war.  I have yet to get that on film!  I swear……these guys aren’t spoiled or anything!!!  They are all keeping us on our toes!!!

“Hope you enjoy the pics.  We think of you often and I keep trying to find some time to come to visit.  Would LOVE to brush the horses you have and give them some love!”

  We introduced this family to Dakota (the bay) who was at Animal Control and was needing a home.  He is a very playful guy and just loves his ball!

  It’s amazing how high he can throw that ball too!

The family also adopted Pepper, now named Obama Llama, from us.  He had been abandoned for 7 years on a piece of property and never sheered.  To see his rescue blog, click here.  Now thanks to some TLC and his wonderful family he is living a very happy life.

  Thank you all for your support both financially and emotionally!  It really makes  a huge difference.