We cannot comprehend why any company would intentionally place horses and riders in harms way.  The Steel Pier Association has announced their plans to bring a cruel spectacle back to the United States in the summer of 2012. Horse diving, where horses are ran up a 40-60 foot high ramp, and are forced to dive head first into the water below, has been decried by animal welfare organizations as cruel since the very first show in the 1880′s. Horses are typically jumped with a rider on their back, usually a young girl.  To read more about this terrible “attraction” and to learn about how you can help stop it, click here.

   Thanks to your generous support, Boots is going to have his surgery done!  The cute little guy can’t thank you enough and neither can we.

    As you know, our camera fundraiser was not going well.  We completely understand that people would rather donate their hard earned money to directly saving lives.  In all $150 had been raised.  A generous couple has donated the use of a Canon t3i, with the stipulation that we purchase an extended warranty and accidental insurance.  They wish to remain anonymous.  Thank you so much!

   We had a horse surrendered, it was taken to an off site SAFE location until it could make its way to the shelter.  He was immediately placed into adoption pending, so look for an adoption photo of him soon!

   Not much happened at the shelter this week, there was rain earlier in the week.  Wednesday was a beautiful day and it was time to get stuff done.  Black Socks was on the schedule.

   A few weeks ago Black Socks was standing sad and dejected in an auction yard feeling hopeless.

   His feet were overgrown and today was his trimming day.

   He was a pretty good boy for his front feet, but refused to have his back feet touched.

   He had quite a lot taken off his front feet.  He had to check it out himself to see how much was taken off.  That’s all hoof, it’s not a horseshoe!

 Stardust is such a sweet boy and has mellowed out a lot since coming off the track.  Cathy enjoyed giving him a good grooming job today.

   On November 6th we rescued Stardust Dancer from a livestock auction.  You can read more about him by clicking here.

He is so handsome now!  He had a rough time at first as he got strangles from the auction.  We nursed him through it and he is so gorgeous.  Stardust is going to be writing his old owner, Gary Barber, CEO of MGM Grand Studio, asking for his college tuition to further his training as he is only track trained.

  Meanwhile Shotsy was getting groomed.  It’s hard to believe that this horse is the same horse from a mere 17 days ago…

 17 days ago Shotsy was laying, starving and exhausted, at an auction yard.  It is because of the auction rescue fund that horses like Shotsy are saved, and hopefully soon Shotsy will be in a forever home, maybe yours?

   He definitely loves attention and getting messed with.

   He was a good boy getting his front hooves done the second time.  His feet were so long when he came to the shelter he got them done upon intake, but he still needs corrective trimming to get him back to perfect.   He is not letting us do his back feet yet.  When he was getting his feet done he wanted a snuggle and hug from Tawnee.

Then the snuggle became a “hold me now, I’m relaxed and know I am safe.”

   He has made an amazing transformation and is ready for his new home.

   The Photo of the Day is a picture of Clyde,who is in adoption pending, waiting to be taken to his new home.  It was taken with the new camera and you can really see a lot of detail.  Click the photo to see it larger.

Thank you all who support us both financially and emotionally!  We really appreciate it!