It is getting close to this months auction rescue and we really need your help.  The auction is this weekend, on the 18th.  We have currently raised $555 out of our goal of $5,000 to save and care for slaughter bound auction horses this month.  Please help!  Click here.

At the SAFE Surrender Site two horses were surrendered on Wednesday the 8th.

Little is known about them other than they were abandoned by their owner and someone brought them to the SAFE Surrender Site.

They are both supposed to be trained to ride and working horses, and they are supposed to be trained for cutting.   We will be evaluating them as soon as possible.

Friday our staff was heading in two different directions.

Tawnee and Cathy were headed to a courthouse.  It was the next court date for the ongoing case of trying to get a restraining order against the person who threatened to shoot Tawnee during a recent rescue.

Cathy and Tawnee spent all day at the courthouse.

Larry Alex and April were arriving at their destination to pick up 4 lesson horses that were no longer needed at a riding stable.  They were going to be shipped off to auction, but a concerned individual stepped in and notified us about the horses.

We would like you to meet Prince, a 26 year old Arabian gelding who is about 14 hands and is losing his sight in his right eye.

This is Gracie, a 14 hand Haflinger, age unknown.  She is trained to ride and was a lesson horse.

And this sweet face is Princess Arial, a 25 year old Arabian Morgan mare who is 13.1 hands tall.  She is also a lesson horse and trained to ride.

This is Maggie, a 17 hand Thoroughbred mare.

They were all safely loaded into the rescue rig and they headed back to the shelter.

It was a long day at court and nothing was decided yet, other than the next court date.  After the court hearing Tawnee stopped by the foster home to see the calves as she had not met them yet.

They are just so adorable and just full of love.

The horses from the riding stable made it back safely to the shelter.  Saturday they were turned out into the 15 acre pasture and thoroughly enjoyed romping around with the other horses.

Sunday the trailer was on the road once again…

…Bonnie was being delivered to her new home!  We are so happy that she has found such a wonderful adoptive family, congratulations to them all.

Monday morning Maggie was galloping in the pasture and enjoying stretching out her legs.  She was a retired hunter/jumper and started galloping straight towards the fence.  She leaped through the air, remembering the days when her legs were young and springy.  Sadly, she did not clear the fence as she had expected to, and severely injured herself.  In all the years, and over 2,000 horses, we have never had a horse severely injure itself at the shelter due to an accident.  Maggie was rushed to the vet.  At the vet she was examined and found that she had done some extensive damage to her legs all the way down to the tendons, both hind legs were severely injured and she had an injury between her front legs in her chest.  We were told that she did not have a good prognosis for recovery.  It would not be fair to try and rehab her.  We said “Goodbye” to sweet Maggie and she was humanely euthanized.  This left all of our staff very sad and heavy hearted.  Rest in peace Maggie.

The shelter was closed Monday due to the rain.  It will be open on Thursday if anyone would like to come visit the horses!  Generally we are closed on Thursday but due to the rain we will be welcoming visitors from 1:00 – 4:00 pm on this Thursday the 16th.

Please remember our auction fundraiser!  Your donation, no matter how large or small, directly goes to rescue and care for horses, keeping them out of the slaughter pipeline.  Please help!  Click here.