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We had a lot of fun on Valentines and sent horse kisses out for all.  We also asked people to post their furry valentine up on our wall and had a tremendous out flowing of cute pictures and stories.  Many of the animals posted had been adopted from us which made our valentines that much better.  To see the pictures, visit our Facebook wall.  While you are there, “like” us if you don’t already, we have over 22,000 fans and the number is growing every day!  Click here.

The little rescued calves are doing so great and finally got the knack of drinking out of a bottle.  When they first came to us they were completely clueless about where food was supposed to come from.  With lots of tender care they finally have it down like little pros.

We are extremely thankful as we were able to find a very wonderful home for the calves with 10 acres of irrigated pasture where they will sit back and eat grass when they are older.  They were loaded up in for yet another car ride.

Soon they were in the new pen at their adoptive home checking it all out.  When they are older they will be turned out into the beautiful lush grass.  They can’t wait to run and play in the sunshine!

Dot came out Tuesday to evaluate horses.  This is Princess Ariel.  We are not sure why her intake paper said she is 13.1 hands, as you can tell she is a full sized horse.

Ariel is very attached to Prince.  After her evaluation she was happy to be standing next to his side once again.  Gracie, the Halfinger seen in the background, is in adoption pending.

Princess Ariel and Prince are a very adorable couple and we need to find them a home together as they are extremely bonded.  They are older and it would be completely unfair to break the loving bond they have, so we are only considering homes that will adopt them together.

Meanwhile April and Larry were dropping off the two horses that were delivered at the SAFE Surrender Site.   This is Misty and Squanta.

Joey is back at the shelter and Dot was evaluating him.  He first came to us in April of 2010.  He came from a therapeutic riding school.  He was a little much for the kids at the school.  He was adopted out and had a great home, but his behavioral issues were a little too much for his adoptive family too.

Riding him he prefers to trot over walking or cantering, and he is pushy on the ground.  He is 10-12 years old, a QH gelding.  To see the blog where he first came to us, click here.

Dot wanted to evaluate the two cutting horses.  The papers didn’t identify which was which, so we will call this one Misty.

They are both anxious horses that are trained to ride, but they both act like it has been awhile.  We are going to let them settle in and give them another evaluation.

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