We are over halfway to our goal of $5,000 for savings horses at the livestock auction this weekend!  With only 2 days left, we really need your help.  We have currently raised $2,602 leaving only $2,398 left to go!  With your help we can do it, please donate and spread the word!  Click here.

Wednesday was a very quiet day at the shelter but that doesn’t mean the animals were being quiet!  The roosters, who are waiting for a forever home, were happily hunting for interesting tidbits to eat, scratching and pecking all over the shelter.

Cathy was hard at work cleaning up the miscellaneous bits of things that always seem to accumulate.  Thanks to Dan and Alyce for hiring a dumpster so the little bits of rubbish get taken away every week.

Gracie, the Halflinger, was relaxing with her new friends at the shelter. She has such a pretty face.

Grey, who is e-adopted thanks to Betsy W., couldn’t resist sticking his nose into the camera today.

Shadow is becoming a sweet girl.  Only recently has she began realizing that people are friendly and won’t hurt her.  She has been very shy, but is slowly warming up to the concept of human love.

Copper is a sweet approximately 4 year old Tennessee Walking mare who would really love a home.  She has been with us since early November, waiting patiently for her forever home.  She is trained to ride and is very sweet.  Check her out, click here.

Boots surgery is scheduled, thanks to your generous donations!  He is such a sweet little guy and we can’t wait until he is perfect once again.

Thank you all for your support, both emotionally and financially.