24 Baby Horses Rescued From Slaughter

Oroville, CA – 24 baby horses narrowly escaped being slaughtered in Mexico for human consumption this weekend after being rescued by Horse Plus Humane Society.  Most of the baby horses are emaciated, and all are infested with worms and parasites. These baby horses were bred on a large ranch in Oregon, and then shipped to a slaughter staging area near Turlock, California.

The baby horses were rescued in two groups.  The first group of 10 babies were taken to a livestock auction where the breeding ranch hoped to make a few dollars. Known killer buyers purchase horses at every auction to send to slaughter.  Killer buyers typically do not prey upon baby horses, but if the price is right, they will use any horse that is standing to fill their trailers for the three day trip to Mexico or Canada.  Three days with no food or water, exposed to the rain, wind and sun.

   The second group of 14 baby horses were purchased directly from the interstate transporter who had brought the babies to the Turlock area  from the breeding ranch in Oregon.  The transporter stated that he was happy to at least have his fuel paid.  He did not believe that the babies would survive a long trip.

Horse Plus Humane Society is in desperate need of donations to care for these 24 baby horses.  Each baby horse requires daily medication, worming, and special feed.  To donate to Horse Plus Humane Society, please visit their website: http://horsehumane.org.