Auction Rescue – Part 2

This is a continuation of the Auction Rescue part 1, which can be seen by clicking here.

It was so exciting seeing the babies come out of the trailer one by one.

Soon they were in the pen looking around.  The little pony was very wide eyed and curious about his surroundings.

Some of the big horses haven’t quite mastered getting out of the trailer smoothly yet, but they all unloaded safely.

Each horse was led from the trailer to its waiting pen.

Intake photos were also taken of the horses.  This guy is so gorgeous.

His halter had been left on so long, its hard to see, but it was eating into the front of his face.

Horse after horse found its new spot at the shelter with yummy food and water waiting.

We know you would like to meet the auction horses.  We would like to thank our Facebook fans for helping us name them.

This 4 year old stallion’s (soon to be gelding) name is Apache Wind!

This coming 2 year old filly is named Reba.

This is a 2 year old, registered APHA, gelding. His registered name is BR Dun N Demanding, named Dundee!  Folks looked up his registered name and contacted his old owner.  Please don’t contact old owners as they will continue dumping horses at auctions, but won’t take the papers, and the papers make it nice to know the history.  So please, leave the contacting old owners to us, we had a very angry phone call yesterday, saying that someone from our organization called them, which we did not.

This is a 3-5 year old mare, she was rode through the auction. Her name is Kandy.

This is a 3 year old gelding, named Marcos.

This is Tiz Again Roused aka Tiz a 6 year old stallion (soon to be a gelding) off the track Thoroughbred


His last race was August of 2011, he won over $15,000 in his racing career for his owners. He made them money, they were done with him, he was useless to them, he was starved and then thrown away.

  Before he was sent to the auction he was posted on Dreamhorse for $2,500.  They wanted to sell him to a riding/breeding home.

  The next ad was later in time and they dropped his price to $1,500.  Apparently that didn’t work out either and he was dumped at the auction.  Somewhere through there he didn’t get all the food he needed and is skinny now.

 This little filly is named Willow.

This pony gelding is blind in one eye. He is a very cute little guy. His name is Stubbs.

This little colt is named Coco.

This little colt is named Phantom.

This filly’s name is Dixie.

This filly’s name is Cupid.

This cute little strawberry roan filly is named Strawberry!

This cute filly is named Legend.

This is an albino colt who has some eye trouble going on. His name is Powder.  He is completely blind in one eye and is mostly blind in his other eye.  The vet will be checking him out to determine his quality of life.

This is a little colt and his name is Teddy.

This little colt is named Patches.

That concludes the first group of horses, an interstate transporter contacted our rescuer Saturday night about 10-15 more baby horses from the same group that we could buy if we wanted: “It would be a good thing if you bought them, ’cause…”  We purchased them and they arrived on Monday at the shelter.  We desperately need donations for these 14 baby horses, we only raised funds for the rescue and care for the 17 that we rescued Saturday night.  Jennifer G. donated the funds to purchase the babies but we desperately need funds to care for them, give them medical treatments and geld the colts.  These 14 babies were an unexpected group, but we know we can count on you.  We rescued a total of 31 horses this weekend, and we only raised the money to rescue and care for 17.   PLEASE HELP!  To donate, click here.  We really need homes for baby horses too, we have a total of 24 babies at the shelter.  Please help us find homes for them!  Adoption fees for the babies are reduced to $100.  We will be getting the blog about them out soon.

Here is a way you can really help for free.  We have issued a press release about the 24 baby horses saved from slaughter and we need it sent to every TV station and newspaper, this is a story of national significance. The more media attention the more awareness is raised to the slaughter issue.  It is not just old horses that are ready to die that are being slaughtered, baby horses are shipped too.  People need to know that truth that horses of any age, breed, training, color, all horses, are sent to slaughter.  To read our press release, click here.  To send it on to your local media, just contact them.  You can also Google media and send it on to every news tip place you can find.

Thank you again for your support, both emotionally and financially.  We really need financial assistance with the huge increase of horses at the shelter.