Monday morning Tiz was out of his pen and eating yummy grass.  Today he was heading to the vet for his gelding operation.

  Apache was also ready to head to the vet for his gelding surgery.

   Tiz waited patiently by the trailer with Larry as Apache loaded up.

    Soon it was time for Tiz to load.  They were both a lot more trusting this time.  The first time loading into the rescue rig they were a little hesitant, but this time they knew they were safe.

 Meanwhile, we told you about the 14 babies that were coming, the truck was pulling up to the shelter.

It was a very long trailer.

The trailer was backed up to the round pen and it was time for the babies to come out.

  It was so exciting to see all of babies coming out.  They all looked scared and bewildered, but happy to be out of the trailer.

They were all wide eyed looking at the camera saying “We are hungry, please get us some food!”  We got them nice yummy food right away.

Tiz and Apache were safely at the vet, settled into their pen waiting for their big day, which was scheduled for the next day.

   Boots was also at the vet for his surgery.  His leg popped back and started working again. We have been working with our vet for a solution.  She doesn’t want to perform a surgery now that it is working again, but the chances of it locking again is extremely high.  No doubt that is why he was at the auction.  The vet believes that a special procedure with a course of expensive injections will make it where he will not require the surgery.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for Boots!  The procedure should start next week.

    The babies at the shelter were laying down in the sun snuggled up together.  They have been through a lot and we know that they must be literally exhausted.

We have a video about the babies up on Youtube now.  You will love watching this video!  Click here.

We desperately need homes for these 24 babies.  Thankfully we have people stepping forward to give homes, but there are a lot of babies.  9 of the 24 babies are colts, which will need to be gelded, which will cost about $1,500.  All the babies are on daily costly antibiotics for shipping fever.  Another thing we do not have enough of are yearling halters.   If anyone has extra yearling halters, or would like to purchase some, Horse.com has great halters starting at $3.99, click here.  We have quite a few yearling halters but not 24!

To help with the babies, click here.

   Thank you to each and every one that has helped both financially and emotionally.  Your support is vital to our rescue efforts!