Early in the morning Larry got an urgent phone call from a local gas station who knew his phone number and knows that he volunteers at the shelter.  There was a box of abandoned puppies behind the gas station and they didn’t know what to do with them.

Larry and April were there within minutes to help.

The poor little puppies were very confused and you could tell they were wondering what was going on.

We are not set up for sheltering dogs and cats.

The puppies were taken to the Northwest SPCA where they can be properly treated.

Pictures were taken of each one of the puppies.  As yo can see they are quite bedraggled.

They are very cute though!

It’s so sad that someone would abandon these precious lives.

If only people would spay/neuter their dogs this would never happen.

There were 5 puppies in all and if anyone is interested in adopting one, please visit the Northwest SPCA shelter website by clicking here.  Contact them for more information, they have them up on their website now.

At the shelter the baby horses were all sprawled out enjoying the nice warm sunshine.  It’s probably the warmest day they have had their whole lives.

Channel 12 from Chico sent out a reporter to do a story on the babies.

This is the second time the babies have had the news reporters in their pens.

Hope is definitely the friendliest baby out of the batch and is curious about life.  She wanted to see what it was all about.  We would like to thank everyone who donated for her hernia surgery, she will be having it done very soon!

After the reporter left it was time for their medication.  Hope was the first one in the chute again and really loved having her face stroked and rubbed.  She is the biggest love of a horse ever and will definitely become someone’s loving companion.  One thing that was noticed first off is that the worming definitely did some good.  We have never seen horses pass so many huge worms after being wormed.  If you want to see a picture, click here, it’s one of hundreds of worms.  It literally looked like spaghetti everywhere.

We had some potential adopters come out to see the babies and figure out if one of them would be a good fit for them.

They really fell in love with Kodak and placed him in adoption pending.

After everyone was done being medicated they were let back into their big pen.  They are always so happy to get back in their pen.  It was quicker today since none of the babies needed to have their ID tags put on, be wormed or be measured.

Soon the babies were relaxing and back to eating their plentiful food.

Liberty wanted to say “Hello” to you.  He has settled in a lot since he first came to the shelter.  He really wants to be a good boy.

The horses were really enjoying the nice weather.  Some of them kicked up their heels with joy!  To the left is Dezi, rescued at the January Auction Rescue, it was the first time we have ever seen her run and be full of life.  In the center is Hank, he came to us from Animal Control on January 11.  On the right is Marcos, who was rescued at the last auction.  In all the excitement of the 24 babies, it’s easy to overlook that we also rescued 7 full size horses at the auction this month.  They need homes too!

Stubbs the little pony is making friends at the shelter.  From everything we can gather we believe he was a guinea pig for drawing blood at some type of educational facility.  When they were done with him they dumped him.  His neck has been shaved on both sides where the veins are, and any time you put your hand or fingers over where he would have his blood drawn he because very nervous and breathes rapidly.  Poor little guy!

     Channel 12 didn’t quite get the headline right, as you know there were 24 babies, not 14.  Not sure how they got that mixed up, but we are thankful that they were willing to do a story and help spread the word about these babies needing homes.  To watch the news video, click here.

 Thank you all so much!