Thursday Napoleon’s old mom came out to the shelter to see him.  We rescued Napoleon in May, 2008.  He was found to be too dangerous for riding and so he came back to the shelter. Chris decided to e-adopt him and he has lived quite happily at the shelter ever since as our first E-Adopted animal.  We wish we had the facility to have more E-Adopted horses but at this time we cannot.

It was the last day for the babies medication rounds.  The babies have settled in a lot more and more used to the routine.

We soon realized with adopters coming out to view them that we needed to be able to identify the girls and boys.  Numbers just weren’t good enough.  The girls got a pink dot and the boys got a blue dot, which makes showing to potential adopters much easier.

We were also very excited to be putting ribbons on some of ID bands.  That meant they were in adoption pending!

All the babies were soon done and they were happy to get back into their pen.  Sadly, Blossom had an allergic reaction to the penicillin and we lost her.  She was the weakest out of the group.  It broke our hearts, but we are thankful that the rest of the 23 babies are doing great.

Sunday potential adopters came out to see the babies.  Hope did her best to win hearts, but no one decided to place her in adoption pending yet.

The babies finally figured out what a mineral block is for and enjoyed licking it with glee.

People described coming to the shelter and trying to figure out which baby to adopt like being in a candy store and not being able to figure out what you want.  There are so many precious babies to choose from!

The people who put Coco in adoption pending were open to adopting a different baby, but in the end they decided to adopt Coco.

By the end of the day 3 horses from the last auction were placed into adoption pending.  The other horses in the pasture loved sitting back enjoying a nice lazy day.

Thank you all for your support both financially and emotionally!  The babies and other horses at the shelter count on you!