We are very sad to inform you that the Unified Equine company, under the direction of Sue Wallis, is planning on opening a horse slaughter house near Mountain Grove, Missouri before the end of this year.  You can watch a TV news segment on this by clicking here.

  Pet Pardons has done an excellent editorial on the slaughterhouse proposal, including ways you can help get this stopped.  The editorial does have graphic images at the bottom of the article, but it is very good.  Click here.

We needed yearling halters and guess what arrived?  Yearling halters!

We cannot thank those that ordered new halters, and those that bundled up their extra halters, and mailed them to us enough.  We really appreciate it!  We are expecting to have the baby horses haltered before they head off to their adoptive homes to make it easier for their new family.

Monday found Kandy looking through the panel at Parcy.  You can tell she is thinking “What is that?”

But when they sniffed noses she found out that he is not a horse, but is a different kind of creature.  Parcy loves everyone and all the animals at the shelter and loves making new friends.

The babies were all sprawled out in the sun sleeping.  It’s so nice seeing them be relaxed with tummies full of food.

More of the babies have discovered that marvelous mineral block.  They just can’t believe how yummy it is.

   Cupid’s potential adoptive mom came out to see her.  We are working hard on getting all the adoption applications processed, there are a lot of them thankfully.  The colts gelding has been postponed until next week.

Liberty is such a sweet boy and has really buddied up with Faith, one of the volunteers.

Some other folks came out to visit the babies and are interested in volunteering.

We are not sure exactly what is happening in this picture but we believe that Legend is playing momma, pretending that the little girl sleeping on the ground is her baby and she is watching over her to make sure she is safe.

Handi-Riders, a local therapeutic riding group, has moved to a new location.  They are only a few minutes from Oroville and Chico, and they desperately need volunteers.  If you are interested in helping horses and kids, check them out!