As you know, plans are forging ahead to open a slaughter house in Missouri.  We need your help to get that stopped!  Please visit our Change.org petition.  As of the writing of this blog we only need 9 more signatures to get to 8,000!   Please add your voice, click here.

Tuesday a big trailer pulled into the shelter with some horses that could no longer be kept by their owner.

They were sad to see them go, but for health reasons they could no longer keep them.

This is Red, an 8-10 year old mare who is trained to ride we are told.  We posted her on Facebook and she is already in adoption pending!

This is Karma, a 3 year old mare who is halter trained, stands for the farrier and is ready to be started under saddle.

She has such a cute face and she would love to have a wonderful home where she could make her adoptive family smile every day with her cute looks.

Red and Karma were put in their pen and they just loved stretching their legs after their trip.

There were two other horses being surrendered. One of them was not halter trained so the trailer had to be backed up to a pen.

Meet Shadow, an older mare.  She was abandoned 2 years ago at the boarding stable that all 4 of these horses came from.

She has a 6 month old baby colt, somehow she got pregnant at the boarding stable despite being abandoned…  Meet Taz, a 8 month old colt who is not halter trained.

They also donated a bunch of tack since they will no longer be needing it.

They donated some great saddles and other kinds of stuff.

We had a very exciting Fed-Ex delivery…

Jason rushed it to the bank…

…our $25,000 Chase Grant has finally made it!  You will be reading about the great plans for it very soon.

Wednesday there was a box at the shelter with a bunch of horse cookies.  We would like to thank the person who sent these to the shelter, the horses will definitely enjoy them.

Wednesday morning Jason and Tawnee were loading up horses to go to their new home.

Everyone at the shelter was sad to see Clyde leaving, he is such a big gentle guy.

Shadow, who was surrendered on Tuesday, was going to her home already.  It is always so nice when horses do not have to spend a long time at the shelter.

Shotsy was scheduled to be adopted too, but when the horses were being microchipped for adoption, he was scanned and found to already have a microchip.  We are going to try to track down who owned Shotsy.  We rescued Shotsy at an auction, he could have been lost or stolen and have a loving family looking diligently for him.  This is the first time a horse has come into the shelter with a microchip!

Since Shotsy couldn’t go the family decided to adopt Hank instead.  Hank really needed a home, he was rescued in January from Animal Control, he was the horse with a split tongue.  After the horses were loaded Jason headed out.

It’s so beautiful seeing all the fruit trees blossom.  If you’ve never driven through fruit orchards when they are all in bloom, it is quite an experience!

At times the rain was falling very very hard.

Finally the rescue rig made it to the horses new home.  The family has adopted from us before and they have room, space, and love for 4 more…

Shadow was the first to unload.  She was bright eyed, curious about what her new home was going to be like.

She had a beautiful pen and stall waiting for her.

Hank too has a gorgeous pen.

Clyde was a little camera shy, but he loves his pen too.

Clyde settled into his pen and soon realized he could see his friends from the shelter over the fence.

Lady Begone was so happy to finally find a forever home.  She is such a sweet girl and we know that they will love her forever.

Jason started the long trip back to the shelter.  It was long after dark by the time he arrived back, tired from the long trip, but so glad that 4 more horses have been saved from slaughter and placed into a loving forever home.  That is what we are all about.