We have our statistics for February ready for you.  In all, 51 animals came into our shelter, of which 17 were owner surrendered horses, 31 horses were rescued from the slaughter pipeline, and 3 calves were purchased from the dairy.  A total of 8 horses were euthanized, 5 owner requested euthanasia, 2 due to medical reasons, and 1 passed away naturally.  To see the graph bigger, click on it.  So far this year we have rescued a total of 91 animals!

Friday Tawnee and Cathy were in court again, trying to get a restraining order against the guy who threatened to shoot them.  This time the video footage was shown to the judge.  The guy did not want the judge to see all the video footage, as he did not want the judge to see him crawling under our vehicles trying to get ran over.  All the footage was played, and the judge ruled in in Tawnee and Cathy’s favor and a 3 year restraining order has been placed upon him!  He cannot come to the shelter, or anywhere near Tawnee or Cathy.   If you don’t know what happened, you can read all about it by clicking here.

On Sunday, Gracie was saying “Goodbye” to her friends at the shelter.  She was being adopted!

She loaded right up into the trailer for her ride to her new home.  Congratulations to Gracie and her new family.

Meanwhile out in the pasture Jason was showing horses to lots of potential adopters.  Copper is such a sweet girl, she has been with us since the beginning of November.  She really needs a home!  She is trained to ride and is a very good girl, she is looking for that perfect family.  4 horses were placed in adoption pending, but Copper was not one of them. Taz, Cody, Lucky and Pixie are all waiting to go home now.

Some people came to visit the babies and put Pixie in adoption pending.  They were also pressed into work as volunteers to help with the babies.  They had to be sorted as the boys were going to the vet to be gelded.  A film documentary crew was out filming the day’s events too.

One by one the boys were sent into an adjoining pen.

Once they were all in the same pen, the big trailer was backed up and they all loaded without incident.  Hope and Boots were put in the front compartment of the trailer for their ride to the vet.  Hope needs to have her hernia surgery and Boots Locking Patella needs to be checked out and fixed!

At the vet the 10 little stallions (soon to be 10 little geldings!) all unloaded into the waiting pen.  We would like to thank everyone who donated to make their gelding possible! When we did last months auction rescue we were not expecting to rescue so many stallions.

The film crew no doubt got some great footage of the babies running by.

Then the trailer had to be backed up to the barn as Hope is not halter trained.  Hope needed to be in the barn for her hernia surgery.

Hope unloaded just fine.  She thinks about everything she does and will make an amazing horse for someone.

Even though she is not halter trained she walked gently along into her waiting stall.

Boots was then led into his stall.

He is in adoption pending and as soon as the vet procedure is done he will be able to be adopted.  We are so excited for him!  Last time he was in this stall he had just become a gelding, we wonder what he is thinking this time.

We got a call from Turf War.  They wanted a horse on site for filming in a couple hours.  There was no way any of us at the shelter could do it, so Cathy took it upon herself, on her day off, to make it happen.

Before long they were at the filming location.

Cathy took down Dakota, a horse she adopted from us some years back.  Dakota did great letting the people ride her for the TV show.

The people were so appreciative.  They really wanted a horse in the show, and they said they would send a donation.  It always amuses us how TV shows are so last minute about everything.

It was a beautiful sunset at the shelter.  All in all it was a very beautiful and very busy day.

Some of you may not know, Tawnee has become Pet Pardons radio co-host which is live Sunday’s at 6:00 pm PST.  The last show was almost all about horses.  There were a lot of guests including Barbi Twins, who are huge advocates for horses, Amy Nelson, Willie Nelsons daughter, Chris Hyde, and others.  It really had a lot of up to date information about what is happening to horses out there and you will enjoy listening to it. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.