Monday Larry was hooking the small trailer up to his truck.  Whenever the small trailer is getting hooked up it means a small critter needs a ride.  We really appreciate this trailer that was donated that has a ramp built in.

Off they headed to the local SPCA, the same SPCA where we had taken the puppies that were abandoned behind the gas station.  When we took the puppies there they asked us if we could take a Potbelly pig that was in their shelter that needed a place to go.

Meet Pig Pig, an obese Potbelly pig.

He is friendly enough, but he is so fat he can hardly peek out between the fat rolls that are on his face.

He loaded into the trailer with some whining and crying, as only a pig can do, and made it  safely to the shelter.   Before long he was in his pen.

Larry got to work fixing the electric fence that was knocked around by one of the horses. It seems that horses feel their job is to try to test the fencing at every possible opportunity to make sure it was built strong enough.

Some visitors were out visiting the horses.  We are so excited that horses are in adoption pending!

The visitors just had to meet Pig Pig too, who was rooting around his new pig pen.  It’s a lot nicer for him than the dog crate for him at the SPCA.  The SPCA does great with dogs and cats, and we are set up for other kinds of critters.

Pig Pig is a very friendly little guy and likes to have his back scratched.  He will grunt in delight and is very cute.

He likes people and will make a great pet.

As of the writing of this blog Pig Pig is in adoption pending!  We are so happy for him.