We have some exciting news about the proposed horse slaughterhouse in Mountain Grove, Missouri.  They had a town counsel meeting March 6th, and the local opposition was so unanimous, and case against the proposed slaughterhouse so strong, that it does not look like they will be opening the plant!  This is a great victory for the horses in the war against against horse slaughter.  You can read all about it by clicking here.

Tuesday morning found Larry and April at the car rental shop renting a car.

Soon they were off to Oregon for a very special reason.  With the price of fuel it was cheaper to rent a car that gets 35 mpg instead of driving one of the trucks to Oregon.  Things you have to do to save money!

At the shelter Pig Pig, a very round potbelly pig, is happily waiting to go to his new home.  He really enjoys the sunshine.

It was extremely windy at the shelter, Jason says that it is the strongest steady wind he has ever been in.  The porta potty was tipped over on its door the wind was so strong, thankfully no one was inside when that happened.  Can you imagine the horror that would have been?

Last year we had a lot of metal roofing blown off, and one neighbor told us she saw a tornado ripping the shelters apart.  We have gone to great lengths to make the shelters tougher, and changed the roofing to a roll out roofing and installed it according to factory specifications.  But, the wind ripped some of this stuff right off the plywood roofs.  It seems everything we build gets blown apart, it can be quite discouraging at times.

Despite the wind, Dot was out evaluating the horses.  We generally do not evaluate horses in windy conditions, and we told her that if there was any signs the horses were worried to stop evaluating.

Liberty, seen above and below, was very leery of being ridden.  From his actions we believe he has been abused in the past.  He was not ridden, the saddle was taken off and he had a nice grooming session to calm his nerves.  He really enjoys being groomed!

Kandy was such a sweetheart during her evaluation.

Dot fell in such love with her that she has placed her in adoption pending.  We are so excited for Kandy and Dot.

Shotsy, which many of you may remember as the emaciated bedraggled horse that was laying down at the auction in the January auction rescue, is gaining his weight and was ready for his evaluation.  He is the horse we found the microchip in, and we are still searching for his owner.  The microchip is not registered or sold by Home Again, so we are calling all the microchip companies to try to figure out his history.  If his family is looking for him we want to reunite them!

He is nicely trained to ride and did very well during his evaluation.

Pig Pig was getting cold with all the wind, and so it was decided to move him into a different pen where he could get out of the wind.

Soon he had a nice little stall and was rooting around looking for good things to eat.

We had a trailer pull up to the SAFE surrender pen at the shelter and they quickly put a horse in it and started driving away.

Cathy was able to talk to the people and get them to sign the surrender paperwork.  He is an older, almost 30 year old, horse that has a lot of neurological issues.  He is having a hard time getting around.  We are thankful that they chose the SAFE surrender pen instead of dumping him at a livestock auction or abandoning him to fend for himself.  Our vet will be evaluating him for quality of life.

Larry and April’s trip to Oregon continued past beautiful lakes and majestic mountains.

In the majestic mountains it began to snow.  What a beautiful drive!

Late into the evening they drove on.  Hundreds of miles slipped beneath their car.

Finally late into the night they checked into a motel room.  What was this all for?  Read all about it in tomorrow’s blog!