Larry and April were still in Oregon Wednesday morning, and it was cold and foggy.

But as they neared their destination, the sky cleared and it got very beautiful.

They drove up the driveway, anxious to see what was at the end.

We are extremely excited to announce that thanks to your votes, and the Chase Community Grant, we are able to purchase this beautiful 14 stall barn!  Larry and April drove to Oregon to make sure it is a good barn and to pay for it.  It will be disassembled and shipped down as soon as the ground is dried out enough.

It is a very beautiful barn that will be so wonderful for sheltering the horses and keeping them out of the weather.

A huge plus with this barn is it comes with a lot of rubber mats with many large paddocks.  It’s a very nice barn!

We just can’t wait until it is at the shelter!

Then Larry and April started on the long drive back to California.

At the shelter Dot had her family drive 5 hours up to come meet Kandy and make sure she was a good fit for all of them.

Kandy was a good girl and they all thoroughly enjoyed meeting her and spending time with her.

She really enjoyed spending time with them too and it was easy to tell she was just soaking up all the attention.

Soon the adoption papers were signed and the adoption photo was taken.  We know that she will have an absolutely wonderful home.

Dot also had made some very cute horse figures for the shelter.  Absolutely adorable, thank you so much Dot!

Cupid was separated from her friends at the shelter.  She didn’t know it yet but her new mom’s adoption application was processed and it was time for her to go home.

Cupid was microchipped and vaccinated, ready to go.  She was put in the trailer, wide eyed, wondering what was going on.

Off down the road Tawnee and Cupid went.  We are so excited, Cupid is the first baby from the group to be headed to her new home.

Soon the trailer door opened and Cupid looked out with wonder.

She had a beautiful pen waiting for her and a wonderful family waiting to give her love and attention.

She explored her pen with a look of amazement and curiosity.

As Tawnee pulled away she was standing contentedly, enjoying the scenery of her new home.

Meanwhile Larry and April were still on their way home.  It was quite a long trip, we are extremely thankful that they volunteered to make it.

The vet examined the colts and gave us the report that she feels they are not ready to be gelded yet.  She would like to see them gain some weight and get a little bigger and healthier.  The vet recommended we go ahead and adopt them with contract that they will be gelded within 6 months from the time of adoption.  We are waving their adoption fees to help pay for their gelding.  Anyone that has a colt in adoption pending please know that your babies will be ready to go home next week after they are vaccinated and microchipped.  It is our policy not to adopt out unaltered male horses, but as these are so young and malnourished, it is in their best interest to be placed into homes where they can become fat and happy before facing surgery.