The livestock auction is this coming weekend and we need your help to save horses from the slaughter pipeline.  Our goal this month is to raise $5,000 for the rescue and care of as many horses as we can from the auction.  So far we have raised $525, please help!  Click here.

Tiz was adopted, we are so happy for him!  He was one of the stallions (now a gelding) that was rescued from the last auction, now he has a wonderful new life with a loving owner.

Today was the first time we actually saw playful life in the babies. Sunny was jumping and bucking into the air with all the baby happiness she could.

After she was bucking she would run and kick with glee.

And then she would buck some more.

We are so happy to see her looking so happy and much healthier.

When we rescued Sunny from the auction (intake photo below) she was much thinner and bedraggled and didn’t have much life in her, but now she is a different horse altogether.

Willow was running around and enjoying the day too.

We didn’t get any pictures of her bucking through the air but she definitely was having a wonderful day and feeling happy.

It looks like winter isn’t quite over, it is supposed to rain all week long.

We wanted to make a big shelter for the babies, but as you know, we have high winds and we were worried about it blowing away.  It was decided to use trailers as a wind break.

We had gone to Tractor Supply and bought a carport and now it was ready to assemble.

Putting it together it kind of look like a big spider with long legs.

The roosters had to come over and investigate what we all were doing.

The most difficult part of the project was that the wind was blowing very hard and putting the covering over the building was quite a challenge.

But soon it was all done and just waiting for the babies to check it out.

The pen was moved over and you could tell all the babies were very curious about the new structure.

In no time at all they were inside checking it out.

You could tell that Willow really thought it was a very nice place.

It was time for the Colts to come back from the vet.  They have not been gelded yet but have all been microchip and vaccinated.

They loaded up in the trailer like champs, they knew exactly what they were supposed to do.

In no time at all they were back at the shelter unloading into their old pen.

The babies were all happy to be back together once again.

Boots is back from the vet too.  She has put him on a special treatment to help with his locking patella  and he is doing much better.

Thank you all for your support both emotionally and financially it is greatly appreciated.  Please remember all of the horses at the livestock auction that most likely will be entering the slaughter pipeline if we don’t rescue them.  Won’t you help us save them from that most horrible fate?  Click here.