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Monday morning Patches was loading up in the trailer.  It was going to be a very busy day with lots of horses going to their new homes.

The babies had to be put back into the squeeze chute so that the fillies could be microchipped and new halters put on.

One by one the babies were loading up to start their new adventure in life.

Before the truck and trailer headed out, Tara and Strawberry’s adoptive family came to the shelter to take their new girls home.

The same family also adopted Marcos! We are so happy for them all.

Soon the new little family was loaded up in the trailer ready to start their new lives together.

Finally the big trailer was pulling out of shelter with the precious load of 7 horses, all headed to their new homes.

Karma was curious on where she was going and what this day would hold.

It was a long drive, mile after mile went underneath the truck and trailer.

Finally the truck and trailer was off the busy highway, and driving down a beautiful country road with the beautiful green spring grass.

Jason, Tawnee and all the horses finally arrived at the first destination. The adoptive family was so excited that the trailer was in their yard with the beautiful horses waiting inside.

 This family had adopted a horse before, although not from us.  Many of you may remember the story about Lucky Pal, the horse that had been hit on the road and was left for dead.  Channel 10 was on site and organized the rescue effort of Lucky Pal. If you missed out on the story of Lucky Pal, click here.

 Sadly, Lucky Pal didn’t make it through one of his surgeries and passed away.  The family was absolutely heartbroken. Hope gleamed in the family’s hearts when they saw the story about the 24 baby horses we saved on the news.  They wanted to help horses in need so bad!  Once again they opened up their hearts and their home to horses in need.

Karma was the first horse to unload out of the trailer, she was calm and happy, everyone could tell she knew she was home.

The family also adopted Joey.  After walking around and checking out their new pen, Karma and Joey started enjoying grazing peacefully under a beautiful tree.

They also adopted Boots! We are so happy for him, he come such has came such a long ways and now has a loving family.  Boots is on a special injection to ease his locking patella, the vet is hopeful that with continued care he will be able to lead a normal, happy life.  His adoptive family has promised to continue his treatments.

 Boots had a beautiful stall waiting for him he walked around and checked it all out.

Last but not least Patches was unloading from the trailer.

Channel 10 was there to cover the story and watched as Patches found his way to his new stall.

 In no time at all Patches was looking around at his new surroundings.  We are so happy that all of these horses will have such a wonderful loving home.

 While the horses were still settling in, the Channel 10 news reporter said he would have to rush to get back to the station so the new story could get out on time.

They did a great job covering the story and you really should take a couple minutes to watch it.  It’s one of those heart warming stories that will make you smile and brighten your day.  Click here.

  As the rescue rig got back on the road they noticed some flashing lights ahead.

Someone had apparently swerved to miss something in the road and went off into the ditch. A tow truck and police where there to make sure they were OK and got back on the road safely.

Bridget and Dixie got to their home next.

They were so happy to get out and stretch their legs in their new pen.

Soon they were munching their yummy food.

Sheena was also adopted, but due to violent threats of the previous owner against our rescue staff, they did not want to be in the blog.  We completely understand!  Sheena is in an absolutely lovely home.  The photo was edited for everyone’s safety.

10 horses were adopted today!  That is 10 horses that were rescued from entering the slaughter pipeline and are now in loving homes.  Help us rescue more horses, click here.