We are working on getting the last years statistics up for you, they will be in the next blog.

The last rescued horse of 2012 was surrendered at the shelter.  Maddie is a 7 year old QH mare who has had 90 days of training when she was younger, but is extremely fearful of human contact.  She does warm up with love and tender care.

She unloaded out of the trailer very nicely and is a very gorgeous mare.

She was wide eyed looking around the shelter at all the horses waiting for their forever homes.  She hopes she doesn’t have to wait long.

The youngsters from the auction are finally out of quarantine and are doing very well.  It was time for them to be put into the chute for their microchipping, vaccinations and other medical needs.

Mister enjoys hanging out in the warm sun, soaking it all in.

We had some great visitors who brought horse treats!  They were all excited to meet the horses and give them their yummy treats.

Doc Senorita Leona liked getting some of the treats.  The visitors were horrified to learn that someone would breed a 28 year old horse, and then turn around and dump her at the auction, starved and unloved.  We are all excited that Senorita has a home lined up.

They enjoyed feeding the baby horses.

Dottie and Macho Man were very happy to have some visitors too.

Last, but certainly not least, they visited Phoenix, who as always, was a perfect gentleman.

It’s nice with the warm days to see the green grass starting to cover the pastures once again.

Nina and Clover have their trainer lined up for the Extreme Rescue Makeover competition.  They are waiting for transportation arrangements to be made.

Thank you all for your support in 2012 and for your continued support through the new year!