Bud’s Rescue Story – 2008

(This Rescue Story is from back in 2008)

Bud’s Rescue Story

Bud was rescued from a livestock auction in June of 2008. It was scary for him as he is blind in one eye and he was very weak.

He definitely needed to gain some weight.

A young girl who was volunteering at the rescue fell madly in love with him and adopted him. We had named him Dakota Boy, but she called him her “Buddy” so now he is known as Bud.

After a few months, Bud started looking like a different horse. His ribs disappeared, his coat was getting shiny, he was happy now with his girl to love on him.

Soon they were off riding all over together.

Once he was fully recovered they started doing 4H events.

It’s amazing seeing him in the middle, so beautiful and filled out. It’s hard to believe he is the same old, bedraggled Thoroughbred that came off the auction.

This summer he was still doing 4H with his girl. He is looking so beautiful and healthy.

We would like to thank those that can open their hearts and homes to an older horse for giving them the chance to live a wonderful life.