Moonlight & Stormy’s Rescue Story – 2006

(This Rescue Story is from back in 2006)

Moonlight & Stormy’s Rescue Story

(The Sorrel mare is Rosy who was adopted by Lynn who founded Pregnant Mare Rescue after adopting Rosy.)

On March 22nd, 2006 the first ever feedlot rescue at the Fallon NV Feedlot was done. We rescued 3 pregnant mares and a mare and foal. We were told the mares were being held at the feedlot for 5 days in the hopes that they would foal out. If they gave birth, the foal would be put in another pen and be left there to die while the mare was shipped out to slaughter. If they did not give birth they would be shipped out, causing another foal to possibly be born in a double decker truck or at the slaughter house. If the mare did not give birth and was slaughtered, the foal would merely be a useless by-product of the slaughter industry.

But, the lucky mares came to us. They were not halter broke nor had they been given any training, so Tawnee spent a lot of one on one time teaching them to be halter broke and getting used to people. Moonlight looked as if she was about to pop. We kept her separated and every day her tail was wrapped and she was ready.

One stormy morning, very early, to our delight we looked in her stall and there was an adorable little filly. She was so cute! We named her Stormy because she was born during a rain storm.

She was so little and so wobbly, but Moonlight was a great mommy and took good care of her.

She sure had the cutest face. It was the kind of face that makes everyone fall in love with baby horses.

Now that Stormy is all grown up she still has a cute face. It’s hard to think that looking at her she would have been a slaughter by-product dumped in a dumpster bound for the rendering plant or land fill if her mommy had not been rescued by us.

As for Moonlight, she is also a beautiful fat and happy girl as well.

The happy ending to this story is that they were adopted together. Two lives that would have been killed were given a great chance at forever happiness together.

Thank to support from people like you we save horses every month just as sweet as Moonlight and Stormy that are just as in danger of being slaughtered as were Moonlight and Stormy.