Auction Rescue

As you know, since 2003 we have been rescuing horses from auctions, saving them from entering the slaughter pipeline and enduring the worst 3-4 days of their lives before being brutally murdered at a slaughter house in Mexico or Canada.

This weekend we are going to be attending an auction and we need your help to save as many lives as possible.  Most horses that are rescued at auctions are adoptable and go on to find loving homes.  However, we find that some horses at the auction have chronic medical problems, and their owner should have done the right thing and had their horse humanely euthanized instead of dumping it at an auction, just making their problem “go away.”  With your donation, we can give even those horses that safety from being shipped to slaughter, we can give those horses love and compassion.  No horse deserves to suffer!

Our goal is to raise $5,000 for the rescue and care of the auction horses before Saturday the 2nd.  Please help us help them.  To donate, click here or click the picture below.  To donate directly using your PayPal account:

We hope you have enjoyed the rescue stories.  Our blog writers (Jason and Tawnee) were on their 10 wedding anniversary vacation, but they are back now and are getting hard at work bringing the daily blogs back to you as soon as possible.