We would like to thank each and every one of you who donated towards the auction fund.  We have almost reached our goal of $5,000, we only have $344 left to go!  Please help us help the horses: click here.

  The Extreme Rescue Makeover contest is well underway.  If you visit the Extreme Rescue Makeover website you can see updates on the horses and trainers that are in the competition.  They are doing amazing, and we encourage you to visit and become a sponsor for one of the horses.  To visit the page, click here.

We would like to thank all the people who have stepped forward to train the horses and we are looking forward to seeing all the amazing updates between now and June, when the Grand Finale will take place.  We do have some horses that need trainers!  Even if you have never trained a horse before, but you are experienced with horses and want to give a rescued horse your love, time and learn to train, this is a great opportunity   To see the horses that are available, click here.  Please spread the word to any people you think may be interested.  We are also providing free delivery to almost anywhere in California, and do have a trailer that will be heading to southern CA for any folks who are interested in joining the program, but do not want to make the long trip to pick up a horse.

We had a lot of younger horse people wanting to enter the contest, so we have made a Youngsters for Youngsters program in the Extreme Rescue Makeover contest.  If you are between 10 and 17 years old, and would like to participate in the Extreme Rescue Makeover competition, you can with our Youngsters for Youngsters program.  You do need your parents permission, they are the ones that will be responsible for the horse and the legal stuff, but you will be able to train and show the horse in the competition.  Sorry, but the Youngsters are not eligible for the $5,000 grand prize, but we will have some special prizes for you.  The baby horses are only going to be judged on ground work, they are too young to ride.  They can be ground driven, led through obstacle courses, etc.  For more information, please contact us: click here.

The next blog will be returning to regular daily blogs of the happenings at the shelter.  We know many of you have missed those blogs, but our blog writers really enjoyed their vacation and the day to day life at the shelter continued, it was just not written out in the blog.

We would again like to thank all those that donated to the auction fund.  As of the writing of this blog the following people have donated: Traci C. – Caroline D. – Lori B. – Denise D. – Saree G. – Ashlye D. – Doneica S. – Anne S. – Heather M. – Samsur R. – Jane A.- Tonya C. – Gayla F. – – From the Goldsteins -Suzanne M. – Houston R. – Julie L. – Amy M. – Jamie H. – Creative Bird Toys – Suzanne H. – Katie G. – Cynthia B. – Laurence P. – Beverlee L. – Eufemia S. – Pamela N. – Carla G. – Valesca H. – Lani V. – Alaine W. – Jan F. – Laura L. – Anita C. – Sylvia H. – Sandy R. – Scorpio V. – Christine C. – Diane A. – Bonnie S. – Lady L. – Catherine G. – Virginia G. – Janet D. – Jennifer R. – Marie B – Loni K. – Janet P. – Sonia S. – Jill R. – Neetu C. – Sylvia A. – Sandra K. – Susan S. – Kathy S. – Jason L. – Suzanne S. – Scott T. – Donna P. – Tandi C. – Robert D. – Joyce G. – Rosa M. – Holly F. – LaQuita G. – Vickie A V. – Shannon C. – Norma C. – Anita F. – Yvonnie A. – My DreamCatcher Fragrances – Peggy S. – Kerry M. – Linda C. – Marilyn D. – Stephanie A. – Yvonne W. – Joan P. – Gina R. – Judith W. – Angela T. – Jenna S. – Heather B. – Pamela R. – Norma C. – Libby J. – Darcy S. – Jennifer R. – Angelika H. – Caroline F. – David B. – Cheryl O. – Calvin B. – Faon L. – Susan A. – AnnMarie D. – Ann T. – Ellen W. – Linda P. – Rochelle B. – Kelly S. – Susan J. – Allison H. – Susan B. – Tana B. – Elizabeth J. – Myrna H. – Megan G. – Victoria B. – Yuhua Z. – Catherine W.