Gypsy Rose’s Rescue Story – 2005

(This Rescue Story is from back in 2005)
Gypsy Rose’s Rescue Story

Gypsy was owned by a very loving individual, who when she no longer had the facilities to care for her, leased Gypsy to some other people who she had been referred to by her friends. The people seemed to be very nice, appeared to be well off financially and they promised to take great care of Gypsy Rose. They had a very nice home with beautiful flower gardens, a large swimming pool and many other luxuries of life. They had a nice pen and shelter for Gypsy. From the looks of things they would be able to care for her very well and her owner agreed to the lease. 7 months from when they took possession of Gypsy Rose, the lessee took her from a beautiful, healthy horse to a severely emaciated one.

She was extremely skinny, had no energy, and was barely hanging on to life.

In the spring of 2005, when Gypsy’s owner discovered the horrible condition of her beloved horse, she contacted us to see if we could help. We agreed and soon were off to save Gypsy from being starved to death. We looked in the barn to see what they had to feed her and to our horror we could not find any horse food or any sign of horse feed anywhere! They only had some chicken feed for their chickens.

She was the skinniest horse we had rescued at the time we rescued her in 2005.

We eased her back on a regular feeding routine, and within a few days, her stomach area had filled out and she was looking much better, although she was so very thin.
Two weeks later she was starting to look like a different horse! Her recovery was progressing very nicely. She was still extremely thin, but her tummy was filling out and her spirits were up.

We adopted Gypsy into a great home who was experienced in dealing with recovering horses. Her new family loved her greatly and they took great care of her until she passed away from a severe case of colic sometime later. We are so glad that we were able to get her out of the situation where no one cared for her, into a very loving home where she knew true happiness. We all fell deeply in love with her and she is truly missed.