Shadow is a newer arrival at the shelter.  She got her ID tag, microchipped, dewormed and vaccinated.  She is now ready for her adoptive home.  She is a standard size jenny.  She is halter broke but is a little hard catch and load.  She needs someone that has lots of love to give her, showing her that even though she has been through a lot of pain and suffering there are people that will love her unconditionally and will not hurt her.  If you are interested in adopting her, please contact us.

While Shadow was getting all her stuff done, this little rooster, Bobby, was ever so curious  and when the camera was down at his level he peered in wondering “Is it edible?”  What a cute guy!

This is Wildfire, who came to us with Shadow.  As  you can see her mane was quite a tangled mess.  Judylynn decided that no scissors were needed to get rid of her tangles, it was going to get brushed out.

Wildfire enjoyed her spa treatment.  She kept yawning while the humans did all the hard work of making her look pretty.

After awhile her mane was beautiful and flowing.  Great job Judylynn, thanks for saving her mane!

After her grooming treatment she got ID’d, wormed, vaccinated and her microchip.  Then Wildfire was extremely happy when the gate opened and she was able to go join the herd with the other horses.  She trotted around with pure delight.  She is a 2 year old Arab cross filly who is halter trained and ties very nicely.  If you are interested in adopting her, please contact us.

Many of you may remember who this guy is.  Hoover, aka Sunny, is such a pretty boy.  He just had to get close to the camera and say “Hi!”

Hoover came to us back in October, a poor skinny depressed horse that would barely eat.   Judylynn spent hours standing there coaxing him to eat, and he would only eat when she was standing beside him.  He was so depressed!

Judylynn’s hard work paid off and now he is a big fat beautiful horse once again and is ready for his forever home.  He is a Paint gaited cross gelding who is about 8 years old, who is halter trained.  He is a very sweet boy.

Our trainer Steve continues working with the horses every day.   This is Dolly, a beautiful TB mare who is trained to ride.

It is still winter but you can tell that spring is in the air.  The grass is poking through the ground but hasn’t really started growing yet.  We would like to thank each and every one of you who donate monthly to make the amazing shelter a reality for the hundreds of animals that find shelter from abuse, neglect and starvation every year.

Thank you all for your support!