Over the weekend we were all very busy with the auction, but a lot of other things happened too.

Goliath was adopted into his new home.  He is such a big boy, but he was very good and patient as he got into a 2 horse straight.

Misty was able to go back to her old family as their financial situation had improved dramatically.  They were so excited and happy to be able to take her back home.

The first foal born at the new facility happened Friday.  Prada is the proud mother of her adorable little filly.

On Facebook we did a Name-the-Baby contest.  Everyone who wanted to enter donated $5 per name suggestion.   Almost $300 was raised to help our rescue efforts.  Sunday morning all the names were put in a bucket and shook up.

The eyes were closed, the hand reached in and a name was pulled.  The filly’s name is now Miu Miu.  Congratulations Jodye, your name was picked!

Miu Miu and Prada are doing extremely well and the baby seems to be quite frisky and healthy.  She is oh so cute too!

Tuesday Steve our trainer was busy evaluating the auction horses.  Tide is trained to ride, most likely he has been sitting around for awhile and just needs some time under the saddle again.  He is a very pretty boy and is calm under saddle when he is away from the other horses.

We had some potential contestants looking at the Extreme Rescue Makeover horses.  They looked and looked and finally decided on Willow and Candle.

They had a youngster with them too, and she wanted to be in the Youngster for Youngsters contest, and she decided she wanted to partner up with Bandit.  As you can see, Bandit was very relaxed while she was petting him.

They also adopted a shelter dog, Lilly.  We are so happy for her!

Meanwhile Steve was still evaluating horses.  Dusty, the 18 year old QH, is extremely well trained and very responsive.  Sadly he does have arthritis in one of his front knees, which does cause him to have some stiffness.  He would do best for someone for light easy riding as he does seem to enjoy getting out and doing things.

Baya, the first horse surrendered in 2013, was heading to her new home.  Little did she know as she walked out of the pasture that she wasn’t coming right back in after getting pampered on.

Nope, this time a trailer was waiting for her.

She loaded up and headed out.

In no time at all she was at her new home.

She has some goats and a lovely horse as pasture mates.  She was very calm and relaxed as Jason said “Goodbye.”  We’re sure she is going to have an absolutely wonderful life.

Steve was still working hard, evaluating horses.  Here he is riding Windy.  She saddles up nicely and will ride, but needs to be finished.  She doesn’t know how to back up yet.  Steven was heading out on vacation so he wanted to get as much done as possible.

Willow and Candle enjoyed their last sunset at the shelter.

Thank you all so much for your extremely generous support!