Tuesday morning Candle and Willow were heading down the breezeway in the Mare Motel.  They were off to somewhere special.

They walked up the loading chute and were soon in the trailer, looking around wide eyed with curiosity, wondering what was happening next.

Bandit and Jaclyn were enjoying their breakfast, little did Bandit know he was going to be getting in the trailer too.

Steve’s hard work at halter training Bandit has paid off and he is leadable.  He followed Tawnee right up to the trailer.  He needed a little time to figure out how to lift his legs into the trailer.

With a little coaxing in no time at all he was in the trailer.  We always wish we could tell them where they are going.

They pulled out of the loading chute area.  They were so glad the sun was shining and it was warm as they were going somewhere a bit colder…

Phoenix and Rino U watched the trailer leaving the shelter.  Phoenix and Rino U have become the best of buddies.

Up in the high country there was snow alongside the road.

Then the snow covered the road.

When they arrived Jason was a little worried about getting stuck.  Amy hopped up on the trailer and looked in at Candle.  She is so excited about joining up with her in the Extreme Rescue Makeover competition.

First Bandit had to get out of the trailer.  When the door opened he looked out with shock and amazement.  What was all that white stuff all over the ground?  He had never seen snow before in his life.

The first few steps he took he raised his feet a little extra high as the snow crunched under his feet.  Soon he realized it was nothing to be scared of and he was led to his waiting pen.

Next the trailer was backed up to unload Candle and Willow.

In no time at all they were settling in.  Their pen was free of snow but they could look out and see a lot of it.

We still have a few more Extreme Rescue Makeover horses that need placement, if you are interested or know of someone who might be interested, send them to the ERM website to see the available horses: click here.