You should all remember Spero, we have a great update from his mom about him.  She writes: “Spero has been doin amazing! He takes to the bit really well. And blankets incredibly! The white spots down Spero’s back were because of him being ridden with a saddle too small for him so I am approaching that issue lightly. He loves his treats though. (: I am amazed with the progress he has made since his issue. I love this horse with all my heart. (:”

For our new readers who don’t know Spero, he was a poor emaciated stallion we rescued in August 2011.  You can see his amazing transformation in the photo below in only a month and a half, but he still had a long ways to go.

To watch Spero’s before and after video, click here.  He truly made an amazing recovery and was adopted into a loving home as a fat, happy gelding.

Wednesday some visitors came out just to say “Hi!” to some of the critters.

Their little girl was so delighted to see the sweet little donkeys.  They were so curious about her too.

The youngsters at the shelter were definitely enjoying the warmer weather.

They just love frolicking around the pen and kicking up their heels.

Prada is being such a good mommy taking care of her baby Mui Mui.

Mui Mui is just the cutest little baby around, if you look closely you can see her tongue in the photo.  She had just nursed and turned to look at the camera.

Tawnee has been working on revamping one of the rooms in the front office building.

It is going to be the future vet tech office / vet room.  It needed some help first.

After a few days it had a beautiful new paint job.

Larry put in some finishing touches, laminating the counter tops.  It looks amazing!  Our vet tech is starting work next Sunday and we are so excited!  It will be wonderful having someone with so much medical knowledge and experience on our staff to be able to examine all the animals and help care for them.

A previous adopter came out wanting to add a new member to her family.  She placed Galloway in adoption pending and is anxiously waiting for his gelding surgery and recovery to be done so she can take him home.  By evening the youngsters were tired of playing and were all settled down enjoying their supper.

Callie posed for a sunset picture.  She was scheduled to be transported to her new home the following morning.

Thank you all for your support!