Back in October of 2011 we rescued this poor little colt, Gumby, along with a bunch of other horses from another “rescue” which has since been criminally charged for animal neglect.  You can read all about that by clicking here.

Now he is a big beautiful almost 2 year old gelding.  He does have some back issues and will probably never be able to be ridden.

There are two girls wanting to join the Youngster for Youngsters program, and as he is under 2 they were so excited to be matched up with him.

As you can see he has grown into quite the big horse, and he’s still got some growing to do.  Who knows how tall he will be?

He was wide eyed as the trailer door opened up at his new home.

It was a quick adoption pose, Gumby is not going to be eligible for any prizes in the Youngster for Youngster program as he is going to a volunteer / staff family, but they still want to participate in the show and give Gumby a great forever home.

Dotty, Shadow and Macho Man (the three resident mini’s) got to be turned out in the great big pasture.  They loved frolicking around, no doubt it seems like miles of green grass to them.

Miu Miu, Prada’s baby, has noticed that her mommy has a bucket and twice a day stuff is put into the bucket that her mom seems to like to eat.  She decided to give it a try, but couldn’t quite figure out where the stuff is in the bucket.  She ended up gnawing and sucking on the rim of the bucket.  It was so cute!

You’ve all seen Steven in the blog, but we haven’t yet introduced Hugo.  Hugo has been working at the shelter for awhile, quietly feeding, watering and cleaning the stalls.  He also helps out with repairs around the ranch and we are so grateful for his help.

It was a very exciting day as our vet tech, Brittany, hung up her registered vet-tech diploma on our wall.   We are delighted to have someone with years of medical training, specializing in shelter medicine, on our staff.

She went through our medical supplies, organized them, and figured out what else we need.

It is so wonderful to have someone on staff who’s sole purpose is to make sure all of the animal’s medical needs are cared for.

A huge benefit to having Brittany on our team is that all of the horses will be able to be evaluated by her.  She will be checking for heart murmurs, lung issues, along with a host of other medical problems before the animals are adopted into their homes.

If any of you, our blog readers, work at a veterinarian office or have medical supplies that would be of use and would like to donate them to our shelter, we would greatly appreciate it!  We really need a microscope so we can do fecal’s.  Any medical supplies (bandages, medications, equipment, etc) can be shipped directly to our shelter: Horse Plus Humane Society, 1944 Robinson Mill Rd, Bangor Ca 95914.  You know it will be put to great use!