We have a new Urgent Need of a load of hay.  As you know, we rescued and care for a lot of horses each month, and all those horses eat a lot of hay.  At the last auction rescue we far exceeded the expected cost of purchasing the horses, leaving little money for feed and care.  It’s time to order another semi-load of hay, 512 bales, and we desperately need your help to purchase it.  We order great quality hay for $12.50 a bale delivered, and we need to raise $6,400 to pay for it.  A semi load lasts only about a month!  Please help us feed the rescued horses, click here.  If you would like to donate directly using Paypal, our account is: donate@horsehumane.org

This is the hay stack now from the last time we ordered the semi load in January. it shrinks rapidly every day.

The Hay Wagon is quite faithful as it delivers bale upon bale to the horses.  Every day our feed cost is between $150 and $200!  Any donation is greatly appreciated and desperately needed.

Tawnee and Brittany headed out to do a pickup.  Many of you will probably not remember Buck, a horse surrendered to us in 2006.

He was a poor emaciated 28 year old gelding that we thought would probably never find a home.  Who would want to adopt a horse that was almost 30?

We were all excited when Buck found a wonderful home.  He gained his weight back under the loving care of his owners.

Over the years we have enjoyed getting updates on Buck and his pals.

Buck is a very lucky boy to have found such loving and caring people to care for him in his retirement.

Now Buck is about 35 years old and he had to come back to us for the Last Act of Kindness.  His health issues make it unfair to him and he is quite uncomfortable now.  What a sweet magnificent boy, we are so thankful that we played a part in finding him such a great home.

We had a beautiful horse surrendered at the shelter, this is Amigo.  He is a 20 year old Paso Fino gelding who is extremely well trained and is absolutely beautiful.  His owners could no longer keep as their vet recommended they find a new home with a light rider like a kid or small adult.

Amigo is one of the prettiest Paso’s that we have seen, his coloring is just spectacular.  If you are interested in adopting him, please put a $50 hold on him as he will not last long.

In our last blog we talked about Gumby, and that prompted us to go back through our videos of that rescue.  We never released this footage before, but you can only imagine what it was like for our team to be there and witness this in person.  Gumby’s back can be seen in the video standing next to the buckskin baby.  It was a horrible situation and it makes our heart ache that there are people out there that will do this to horses, while pretending to be a rescue.  To watch the video, click here. 

Thank you all for your support, and especially thank you in advance for donating to the hay in the Urgent Need.