Undercover Investigation – Race Horses at Auctions

Back in December a news crew came out and filmed at the shelter, but we weren’t able to tell you what they were filming, but now we can.  It was part of an undercover investigation about horses going into the slaughter pipeline.  If you missed that blog you can read it by clicking here.

    Last night Part 1 of the news story aired on CBS in San Francisco.  Part of their investigation was attending horse auctions to see if any Thoroughbreds are sold there.  They did a great job and we were at the auction with baited breath when they went in with their undercover camera’s and started filming.  

Horse after horse went through and many were snatched up by one particular person, as brought out in their story.  We did have a rescuer in the audience as well purchasing horses, but only had a rescue budget of $500 thanks to Jennifer G.  Even though we were at the auction we couldn’t do a public fundraiser and alert the auction that we were going to be there.  To watch the news story, click here.

Part 2 of the series aired later in the night.  They went to Golden Gate fields and asked them about their policies.   “These animals need to be taken care of before racing, during racing and after racing,” said Joe Morris, general manager of Golden Gate Fields.  Morris said at his track and all six tracks owned by the Stronach group, owners and trainers must sign a contract promising that their horses will be retired safely.  To watch part 2, click here.

We just shake our head at the stated policies as we frequently rescue horses at the auction that have just raced a few months before at Golden Gate Fields.  Horses such as this guy, Uncommon Sense, that we rescued at the last auction rescue.  Just months ago he won his final race at Golden Gate field before he was dumped at the auction.  So much for a safe retirement.

He was such a magnificent boy at the track, but in just a few months became a poor bedraggled horse.  Quite a change from the amazing athlete he was just a few months before.

Most of the racing industry, owners, trainers and breeders don’t seem to care where their horses go once they are done with them.  They just want their unprofitable horses to disappear  and the easiest and most profitable way to make that problem disappear is to have the horse head into the slaughter pipeline, to disappear forever.  We will continue to fight to bring awareness to this horrible little secret and save those precious lives that we can.  Please help us, donate today: click here.