Amigo, the Paso Fino, was being evaluated for adoptability.  Britney, our vet tech, decided he looked like a nice enough horse that she wanted to give him a ride too.

He’s a very sweet, well trained boy and is looking for a home, maybe yours?  The vet says he needs a light rider due to some DSLD.

Galloway, the stallion rescued from the auction who is now a gelding, was also being ridden.  He was placed in adoption pending before he was gelded, and now his adopter came out to make sure they would be a good match.  He is such a gorgeous boy and we are so happy that we played a huge part in keeping him from being slaughtered, giving him a bright and happy future.

We had some visitors that Macho Man and Dottie really liked because they had carrots.  Their love is easy to win when carrots are involved.

Shadow, the donkey, is extremely shy of humans.  She has never come up to anyone on her own yet, but the visitor with the carrots was changing her mind.

Everyone was so happy that Shadow had gained enough trust and confidence since coming to the shelter that she was willing to go up to someone to get a carrot.  Way to go Shadow, we know it’s hard to learn to trust again, but believe us when we tell you it’s all OK now.

Some other visitors came up who brought a special dog.  Not to be surrendered, he is just their traveling companion.  This dog is completely blind, both eyes had to be removed, but he is living a very happy life and is well adjusted.  It is so neat to see animals so loved and cared for that other people may just toss away.  Thanks for giving this dog such loving care, you guys are awesome!

Thank you all for your support!