We would like to thank everyone who stepped forward and made a donation to our Hay Fund.  We raised $2,570.50 towards our goal of $6,400 so far.  We still desperately need your help to pay for the hay!  To donate, click here.

We did have to order it, the horses can’t go hungry, so the hay is now being fed.  If you can help us cover this significant expense it would be greatly appreciated.

Monday Britney was going around putting ID tags on all the horses that didn’t have them on yet.  We have had a lot of new horses come in recently and she was getting them all ID’d.

Scarlet is such a big girl it took two neck tags to reach around her great big neck.

Then our trainer got on to evaluate her.  She is a little rusty and needs a tuneup, but she did well and is already in adoption pending.

We had two senior horses come in for the Last Act of Kindness.  We are so thankful that we are able to provide this service for senior horses who’s owners want the very best for them.  We recently received an email from a person who had a horse that needed to be put down due to poor health.  Her vet wouldn’t do it, he told her “Run her through the auction.”  What kind of vet would wish that ending for any horse?  We are trying to help the owner with other arrangements, as she does not want her beloved horse in the slaughter pipeline.

Mui Mui was so happy, she started running and goofing off in her stall.  As you can tell from the video she has an extra big stall so she can stretch her legs out.  To watch her fun video, click here.

Thank you all for your donations, they are what make the shelter run every day!