Tuesday had a very cold bite in the air and dark clouds overhead.  We were so happy that we have a big barn to keep the hay dry.

We also have big run in barns so the horses can go in and stay dry if they want.

Prissy and Santiago were brought up out of their normal pen as the next day they were going to be heading somewhere special.

Hoover was in the pen too, they were all going to be taken to Home at Last Sanctuary the next day.

Last but not least Tucker is going to find permanent sanctuary at Home at Last.  Just as a side-note to keep those people who try to scrutinize everything we do and tear us apart:  the donkey in the background is not stuck in a little corner, he has a big pen and can walk beside the stall or go in the stall as he pleases.  The white thing on the ground is not a trash bag, it is a white rooster.

Before long the storm was well underway and water was almost everywhere.  Mui Mui and Prada were nice and dry in their stall despite the rain hammering down.

Mui Mui is just so cute, she got up and stretched and stretched.

We would like to thank each and every one of you who donate monthly to make this facility possible.  In bad weather it is so nice to have places were horses can make it out of the rain.

Steven loves taking care of all the animals at the shelter, including the chickens.  We do have a few hens, along with a lot of roosters, who need homes.

Won’t you consider adding this adorable little hen to your home? If you are interested in adopting a chicken, please contact us.  Click here.

Thank you all for your support!