Wednesday morning was a chilly one, the snow level had dropped so low that it even snowed a little in the night.  By morning everything was a little icy.

Prissy and Santiago were waiting in the stall, little did they know they were about to get in the trailer and go for a ride.

Hoover was ready to get in the trailer.  He is such a big boy, unlike…

…when he came to us in September.  He has made such an amazing transformation.

Tucker was ready to go too.  It’s so hard to keep a white horse clean looking, and he couldn’t resist rolling in the fresh dirt after the storm.

Tucker has made such a remarkable change since he came to us back in July.  He was so skinny, it’s amazing what food can do for a horse!

Prissy and Santiago were loaded up in the trailer first.  Prissy followed Tawnee in the trailer, and was tied in the front, but then Santiago wasn’t sure what to do.  The people all stepped back and Santiago hopped in right next to Prissy on his own.  Prissy was so happy to have her “baby” next to her once again.

Then Tucker was loaded up.

Hoover was wide eyed anxiously waiting for his turn.  Where were they all going?

Despite the cold storm, and even a dusting of snow from the night before, the sun was up and warming everything up once again.  It was a beautiful drive to Home at Last Sanctuary.  There were even trees blooming along the way.

When they arrived the trailer door opened up.  Hoover and Tucker unloaded and were put in their new pens.

When it was Prissy and Santiago’s turn, Santiago followed Prissy like a good little baby.

Once in the big pen, Prissy made it quite clear that Santiago was her baby and that no other horses were going to be allowed near her baby.  They have such a funny relationship, we have never seen a horse take over a llama and pretend it’s her baby, and we’ve never seen a llama buddy up with a horse like this.  We are so happy they get to stay together forever.

We had a couple computers donated to the shelter, which is greatly appreciated!  We can always use donated items that help the shelter run more efficiently.

Thank you all so much for your support, both financial and emotional.