WE NEED YOUR HELP – We recently received very sad news from our largest donor: “We’ve run into some financial woes… Sorry about our inability to help out financially right now.” Among helping in many other smaller ways, they were committed to paying $1,500 towards the monthly lease of the shelter, which they can no longer do. As you can imagine, this has caused a huge strain on our financial situation. The lease and utilities at the shelter are $3,000 per month, and we currently only have $1,150 coming in for this expense from Shelter Friends.

It is vitally important that the lease is paid every month, it was a truly devastating blow when they told us they will be unable to continue helping us with this large expense. We are extremely blessed to be at this amazing facility that serves the needs of so many animals in our care. Without the lease payment for this facility we will be forced to close our doors, as we must have a safe, suitable place for the animals.

Please become a monthly Shelter Friend right now, it is very simple and makes the difference between hundreds of animals, mostly horses, having shelter or being homeless. Just click on the amount below that you are able to donate monthly. The animals in our care are counting on your support!  To sign up for a $10 a month sponsorship for our shelter, click here.  To sign up to become a $25 monthly Shelter Friend, click here.   For more information about the shelter and for other monthly donation amounts, click here.

Thursday the Extreme Rescue Makeover horses were being put in the barn as another horse was going to be placed with its trainer.

Before long Diamond and Cougar were looking wide eyed, wondering what was going to happen next.  They are both in pending status.  It wasn’t Cougar’s turn, it was Diamonds.

Before long Cougar was back with his buddies and Diamond was left in the barn headed towards the trailer.

When he got up to the trailer he took one last look back at the shelter to take it all in.  He is such a different horse than when he came to us…

…in July he was an emaciated stallion and you could see every rib in his body.

He was so thin that the shelf above his rib cage was flat over to his spine.  It was hard for us to believe that the person who did this to Diamond still has people defending him to this day that he did nothing wrong.  Starving your horse, and withholding food from your animals, is not OK.  His owner said there was something wrong with Diamond.  There was nothing wrong with Diamond, the only “rehab” he needed was food.

Diamond is now a healthy, happy gelding and hopped right into the trailer for the ride to his new home where he will be getting trained up for the competition.

In no time at all Tawnee was backing the trailer up to his new barn.

He walked calmly into his new pen, it is such a beautiful place and we know he will love being there.

He began looking around with amazement at all the new sites and scenery.  We are looking forward to getting updates about him in the Extreme Rescue Makeover contest.

Please remember that we desperately need your monthly donation to keep our doors open.  Without the rent for our facility we will have no room for horses like Diamond (above) and Dottie (below.)  Please help, click here.