In the last email we told you how one of our largest sponsors who helped out tremendously at the shelter has recently come upon hard times themselves and are unable to continue helping financially.  We asked you, our supporters fans and followers, to step up and make the difference, covering the lease of the shelter.  You responded with amazing generosity  and we are so excited that we are almost there!  We only need $119 more dollars a month!  On Facebook people said they would be willing to help out with $3 a month, so we put a link up asking our Facebook fans, over 43,000 of them, to help out with $3 a month.  Not everyone did, but so many of them did that now we only need 40 more people at $3 a month.  Please help us get to our goal!  Anyone can spare $3 a month, it’s not even pocket change.  It will really make a huge difference at the shelter.  If everyone does what they can, much will be accomplished.  To donate $3 a month, click here.

Sunday we had a potential adopter come out to look at the horses.  28 years ago they rescued a 3 month old Appy baby, who sadly passed away recently as a very loved, senior horse.  It’s been 7 months and they are ready to bring another rescued horse into their family.  First they wanted to look at the  Appy babies.

Sandy did her best to put on the charm, and she tried so hard to win them over with her sweet looks.  They didn’t fall for any of the youngsters, there had been a horse they walked by to get to the youngsters that caught their eye.

It was Bear, the very lovable Paint horse that loves to give licks and kisses.

They enjoyed meeting Bear and her sister too.  Bear won their heart with all her licks and kisses.

We are so happy that Bear has found her new home, now we are waiting for the adoption application and transportation arrangements to be done.

We would like you to remember that we still need a little more help to reach our goal of $3,000 in monthly support for the shelter lease.  We only need 40 more people at $3 a month.  Please help us reach our goal: click here.  To donate more than $3 a month, click here, then scroll down to where it says “Paypal Monthly Sponsors.”